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Kristen Beck (M.Hum.Nut., B.H.Sc) is a nutrition scientist and educator from Sydney. She loves working with people, companies, organisations and media to bring a practical, uncomplicated approach to health and nutrition.

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Fitness Australia Nutrition Course

Nutrition & Health Coaching Courses

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We’re dedicated to helping you learn more about health & nutrition. Our nutrition courses offer you:

Nutrition Courses

Finally understand the principles of health and nutrition. Beck Health & Nutrition courses combine the latest research with a practical approach in a flexible online and distance study format. Ideal for professional development, career planning or personal interest, our nutrition courses include constant support from highly qualified, accredited nutrition and education professionals.

Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health

Combines our Certificate of Nutrition & Diet with your choice of nutrition specialisation. Perfect if you are interested in becoming a health coach, writing diet or menu plans or providing specialised nutritional advice for clients.

Certificate of Nutrition & Diet

The perfect starting point for your nutrition study journey. Comprehensive introduction to the science of nutrition, dietary analysis and menu planning. Accreditation & insurance options for nutrition & health coaching.

Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition

The latest nutritional strategies to optimise and enhance athletic performance.

Certificate of Nutrition for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

A complete, up-to-the-minute study of the nutrition, dietary, exercise and lifestyle research findings to help optimise mental health & wellbeing. An invaluable study option for health coaching and wellness programs.

Certificate of Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching

This flexible, professional nutrition coaching course covers nutrition, motivation and lifestyle strategies to achieve and maintain healthy body weight.

Certificate of Infant, Childhood & Adolescent Nutrition

Explores the nutrition & chilhdood developmental principles to establish and encourage healthy eating from birth through to adolescence.

Nutrition & Diet for Exercise Professionals (15 CECs)

Comprehensive nutrition coaching course tailored for Fitness Australia AusREPs to assist clients to optimise their diet and health.

Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing Course (10 CECs)

This unique nutrition course explores the latest nutritional research to support a healthy stress response and optimise mental wellbeing. The course covers brain function, adrenal and gut health as well as neurotransmitter and hormonal balance.


Nutritionist Kristen Beck (M.Hum.Nut., B.H.Sc) is a highly-qualified, independent & experienced media nutrition expert. To view more media samples please visit:

Channel 9 News – February 2022 – Nutritionist Kristen Beck Media Interview

What our students say…..

“Thank you for providing a brilliant course with professional and friendly support” Annette, VIC.

“These courses cover such a depth of information, yet are presented simplistically and logically” Nadine, QLD.

“Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed the courses I completed” Meredith, TAS.

“The team at Beck Health were super-responsive and also flexible as I needed to request an extension as my work situation changed. This meant I could apply myself to learning and absorbing the course material” Cameron, QLD.

“Everything was set out so well and easy to understand. The fact that you also receive hard copies means I can refer back to them whenever I need. I liked the prompt replies from Beck Health staff. It was so reassuring to know if I had any dramas it wouldn’t take long to resolve”. Leah, NSW.

“Dear Kristen, I just wanted to thank you for making these courses available. The content was presented clearly and enjoyable to read and comprehend. It was fantastic to have the resources in hard copy and a true delight that I could take my course materials with me and utilise those spare moments. I look forward to implementing my new skills”. Bree G, VIC.

“Thank you! The content was really well thought out. Would love to study with you again soon!” Sarah, NSW.