Professional Membership & Insurance for Health & Nutrition Coaching, Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss Consulting

Completing a Beck Health & Nutrition course means you have the option to become a recognised professional member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and access discounted professional indemnity insurance for:

Note: You do not have to take up this membership and insurance, it is simply a valuable professional opportunity if you wish to give nutritional advice and write meal plans for clients.

Insurance for nutritional advice, menu plans and health coaching

Beck Nutrition Courses - Accredited by IICT

Insurance and professional membership of IICT means you will be recognised and approved (and eligible to access to professional indemnity insurance) as a Nutrition & Health Coach for advice and activities including:

  • Nutrition, dietary and anthropometric (body composition) assessment
  • Explaining impact of nutrition and dietary quality on health, wellness and disease to clients and groups
  • Weight loss and healthy weight management concepts and approaches including the ability to assess popular and fad diets and ensure adequate nutritional intake via practical, food-based recommendations including developing personalised meal plans for clients and groups
  • Developing meal plans and nutritional advice for clients aiming for weight loss, achieve body composition or exercise goals
  • Nutritional pre-screening via dietary records and food recall
  • Practical aspects of meal planning and modification to best achieve dietary quality and nutritional requirements
  • Understanding and explaining food labelling
  • Identifying nutritional deficiencies or dietary gaps and providing practical, food-based recommendations to address nutritional deficiencies or gaps
  • Tailored nutritional approaches to address individual needs in cultural, lifestyle, motivational and behavioural factors.
  • Understanding of when referral to a medical or nutrition professional is required.

This is a confirmed list of activities covered under professional membership and insurance as a nutrition and health coach by the IICT and associated professional indemnity insurance brokers.

If you want to become a professional nutritionist in Australia, your best option is a degree….

Choosing the right nutrition course or health coaching course can be confusing. Here’s our brutally honest, super-abbreviated guide to choosing the best nutrition course for your needs, time commitment and budget.

  1. Beck Health & Nutrition courses are high-quality short courses. They are not designed to take the place of a professional degree in nutrition & or dietetics. Our nutrition courses are designed to be flexible and user-friendly, so you can choose to undertake one or more nutrition course in your own time.
  2. There are heaps of awesome nutrition degrees offered at Australian Universities – if you have the time and budget to commit, this is where we recommend that you study (for more information about choosing the right university nutrition course read our guide here).
  3. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist or health coach (without completing any study at all).
  4. There are many nutrition course and health coach course providers in Australia and overseas that are very expensive, but offer no professional or competitive advantage over our high-quality short courses. If you want to study a comprehensive nutrition course choose a degree in nutrition from an Australian university.
  5. Completing a Beck Health & Nutrition course means you can take out professional membership and insurance for Health & Nutrition Coaching via the IICT. Insurance options start at approximately $110 per year and include business and professional practitioner support, recognition and insurance via the IICT. To find out more about studying or working as a health coach, read our guide here

Accreditation of Nutrition Courses

Fitness Australia Approved CEC Provider

We are a Fitness Australia Approved CEC Provider.

Our Nutrition & Diet for Exercise Professionals course offers 15 CECs.

Our Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing course offers 10 CECs

Australian Traditional Medicine Society - Continuing Professional Education Nutrition Courses

All Beck Health & Nutrition courses are accredited by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society for ongoing professional development (CPE points).

To find out more about our nutrition courses, please click on the “nutrition courses” link at the top of the page or visit our homepage at