Health & Nutrition Coaching Course – Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health

Flexible, online nutrition & health coaching course.  Insurance and professional membership for health & nutrition coaching, meal planning and nutritional advice. Perfect for fitness professionals, personal trainers, bloggers, social media influencers and people wanting to work with clients to improve their health and nutrition.

Get Certified in Nutrition & Health Coaching – Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health

Beck Nutrition Courses - Accredited by IICT

The Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health course is a comprehensive study of nutritional coaching and counselling, dietary advice and analysis.  This online nutrition course allows you to gain certification, professional membership and insurance for Nutrition & Health Coaching. This allows you to provide nutritional and dietary advice and coaching, design and develop meal and menu plans and more (for details click here).

Nutrition & Health Coaching Course

Self-paced flexible online and distance health and nutrition coaching course (100 hours of study self-paced)


The Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health is a comprehensive nutrition course which will allow you to access professional indemnity insurance and membership to coach clients in diet and nutrition including:

  • Nutrition, dietary and body composition assessment
  • Explaining impact of nutritional deficiencies or excesses and dietary quality in relation to health, wellness and disease.
  • Designing individualised meal plans and / or menu plans to best achieve dietary quality, nutritional requirements, body weight and body composition goals as well as sports and exercise goals.
  • Tailored nutritional and motivational strategies to address individual or group needs including cultural, lifestyle, motivational and behavioural factors including ongoing communications (online, phone, email, online forums, webinars, blogs and social media channels).

This advanced nutrition course includes two shorter courses:

1. Certificate of Nutrition and Diet

2. Your choice of specialisation nutrition courses.  You may choose one of the following specialisation courses (based on your professional or personal interests): Sports & Exercise Nutrition,  Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching,  Nutrition and Exercise for Stress, Anxiety and Depression or Infant, Childhood & Adolescent Nutrition.

Our nutrition and health coaching certification is delivered in a user-friendly, easy-to- understand format and offers automatic eligibility for professional membership and insurance as a health & nutrition coach

Course fee

$750 includes all course materials, texts and assessment fees. If you are not ready to commit to the Advanced Certificate course you can start with one of the component courses first.

Course duration

6 month (flexible) self-paced study. Total study 80-100 hours (can be completed as quickly as you wish or you may apply for extra time at no cost if you need).

Course delivery

Online distance study (no need to attend lectures or exams). Complete, professionally printed course pack including texts and assessments express posted to you as well as complete online downloadable versions of all learning materials and on-demand video tutorials.

Course assessment

Open-book, untimed course assessments. Combination of short-answer, multiple choice and case-study questions as well as nutrition, dietary analysis and menu planning tasks.

Learning & study support

Constant, friendly study support from accredited, highly-qualified nutrition professionals via phone, email or online classroom.

Course aim

To provide a comprehensive, scientifically-validated study of nutritional principles, knowledge of how to assess nutritional intake and requirements and develop practical strategies to communicate and motivate clients to improve their nutrition and health.

Kristen Beck - Nutritionist - Online Nutrition Courses and Media Comments

Course Tutor: Registered Nutritionist Kristen Beck (M.Hum.Nut., B.H.Sc.). To find out more about Kristen’s nutrition and education qualifications and experience click here

Course prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for the Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health (you must complete the Certificate of Nutrition & Diet as part of this course).

Course recognition and approval

Beck Nutrition Courses - Accredited by IICT

Successful completion of the Advanced Certificate of Nutrition course provides automatic eligibility to be able to join the IICT as a professional member for nutritional advice, Health & Nutrition Coaching and gain discounted professional indemnity insurance.

To find out more about becoming a Health & Nutrition Coach read our guide here

To find out more about what activities your insurance will actually cover click here

Course Certification

By successfully completing this course you will be provided with:

  1. Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health
  2. Certificate of Nutrition & Diet
  3. Certificate of Nutrition Specialisation (sports & exercise nutrition, healthy body weight management, nutrition for stress, anxiety and depression or infant, childhood and adolescent nutrition).

Degree pathways, advanced standing and study credits

Beck Health & Nutrition courses may offer advanced standing / course credit opportunities for further qualifications in nutrition, however this will depend on the course you are applying for. All Australian universities and private colleges are required to consider prior learning in order to maximise advanced standing / course credit for learners.

Extra nutrition course specialisation electives

If you would like to undertake more than one specialisation course, you can add additional courses for a discounted fee (currently $375 per additional elective course).

Upgrade to Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health

If you’ve already completed a Beck Health & Nutrition course (or studied nutrition elsewhere) you are always welcome to upgrade to the Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health. To find out more, including course discounts for upgrades, please email us at

The Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health includes the core module Certificate of Nutrition and Diet plus one elective unit / short course (choose from Sports & Exercise Nutrition, Healthy Body Weight Nutrition, Nutrition for Stress, Anxiety & Depression or Infant, Childhood & Adolescent Nutrition). 

Beck Health & Nutrition courses give you

  • Comprehensive knowledge of nutritional principles
  • Understanding of how nutrition and diet influences health, disease and wellbeing
  • Confidence and skills to make informed, scientifically-validated decisions on latest health and diet trends
  • Meal and menu planning skills for health, weight goals, athletic training and dietary trends
  • Love of nutrition science
  • Access to professional accreditation and insurance options for meal planning, nutritional advice, health & nutrition coaching and nutritional counselling.

What our students say about the Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health course

“The way this nutrition course was presented gave me all the answers I’ve had in my head for years.  Thank you!” Luke Tobin, QLD

“Very well presented and easy to follow and comprehend, easy to access resources.  Very professional and well-balanced.  Course suited for all learning abilities” (name withheld)

“Just wanted to say thank you for making this course available.  The content of this course was presented clearly and enjoyable to read and comprehend.  It was fantastic to have the learning resources in hard copy and a true delight that I could take these with me and utilise those spare moments.  Human nutrition is a wonderful area of study and I look forward to implementing my new skills.” Bree G, VIC 

“I liked the fact that the course was short enough to tackle while working full time, but detailed enough that I felt like I was learning a lot” Cal Spencer, QLD

“Enjoyable, professional, great quality product and resources” Coral, QLD

“Thanks, I got a lot out of all three courses I did” Astrid, QLD

“It was easy to complete in the time frame given, especially due to being a full-time, working mum”  Tasha Johnson, NSW

“The content was easy to understand, I really enjoyed the course and felt I learnt a lot” Angelica, WA

“I really liked the flow from one subject into another.  Very happy with the structure of the course.  Many thanks”  Mandy, QLD.

“I really enjoyed the course, it expanded my knowledge of nutrition into greater depth, in ways that can help myself with my own diet and also help my clients and my business. I also really enjoyed having a physical textbook to read from, it made it easier to study as i find reading in front of a computer screen all the time makes me tired and I fall into distractions easier (end up surfing the web, facebook, youtube etc). The content was easy to understand and follow, I think it was well structured. I have thought hard about how the course can be improved and Im not too sure, as I thoroughly enjoyed it just the way it is. I liked the learning activity questions as applying knowledge is a great way to learn and I liked having the videos as well to supplement my learning”. Matt, NSW.

“The course material was very easy to read and understand. Thank you for everything, I really enjoyed the courses I completed” Meredith Van Lierop, VIC.

Beck Nutrition Courses - Accredited by IICT

Beck Health & Nutrition’s Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health allows you to gain professional membership of the the International Institute for Complementary Therapists, offering professional indemnity insurance options as a Health & Nutrition Coach (this allows you to give nutritional advice, menu / meal planning, nutrition & health coaching and nutrition counselling and coaching).