certificatenutritioncourse 2Nutrition Courses – Common Questions

This page contains answers to common questions about our nutritionist courses. Further information can also be found in or Beck Health & Nutrition Course Brochure).  If this page doesn’t answer your question, page please submit an online enquiry or email info@beckhealth.com.au  for further assistance.

Do I need to attend lectures or exams?

No.  You can complete your studies completely via distance education.  Everything you need to complete your course is included in your course pack including your assessment.  We are also committed to providing constant technical and educational assistance from nutrition, health and education professionals via phone, email, online classroom or via your favourite social media channel.

Selected Beck Health & Nutrition courses offer online video tutorials.  These can be viewed and played back at your leisure and are included as an additional learning resource for those but are not compulsory.

Do I need to complete an exam?

Depending on the course of study you undertake, you will be assessed via a range of methods including written exam, written project or online quizzes.  You are also welcome to contact us for assistance if you require assistance with any of your exam questions.  Anybody not wishing to complete an exam paper is still welcome to undertake the course of study.  There are no additional fees for course exams.

Will I be a nutritionist when I complete this course?

In order to become a Registered Nutritionist or Accredited Practicing Dietitian you must first undertake a comprehensive program of tertiary studies through university or private college which commonly take a number of years to complete and currently cost in the vicinity of AU$20,000 and $30 000.  Accredited and Registered Nutritionists and Dietitians are also required to show proof of undertaking ongoing education each year in order to continue their registration (Beck Health & Nutrition courses are commonly used for this purpose).

Courses offered by Beck Health & Nutrition offer a stepping stone for individuals wanting to learn about nutrition either for their personal or professional interests.  Our courses also allow people who already work in the health and nutrition industry to broaden their knowledge and keep up to date with latest research and health advice and are approved for continuing education points and professional development for re-registration of health practitioners, fitness professionals and other allied health workers.

To find out more about studying nutrition at a professional (career path) level please read our information page

Diploma and Degree Pathways.  Do Beck Health & Nutrition courses offer advanced standing / credit into higher level courses?

Beck Health & Nutrition courses may offer advanced standing opportunities for more comprehensive nutrition courses and qualifications, however this is dependent on the course that you are applying for.  For example, it is likely that you may receive some advanced standing / credit / recognition of prior learning (RPL) if you are applying for an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine or a degree majoring in nutrition.  All Australian universities and private colleges are required to consider prior learning in relevant areas of study (for example, nutrition) in order to maximise advanced standing / course credit for learners.

Are these courses “Nationally Recognised”?

Beck Health & Nutrition courses are not a part of the Nationally Recognised Training System.  It is worth noting that no qualifications less than a degree program in nutrition are recognised as professional training in nutrition in Australia.

Selected short courses offered by Beck Health & Nutrition offer national accreditation for professional development from Fitness Australia, The Australian Traditional Medicine Society and the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.    If you are looking to study nutrition at a career path level it is important to note that professional accreditation and regulation of nutrition professionals in Australia is increasingly reliant upon industry bodies such as the Nutrition Society of Australia and the Dietitians Association of Australia.  This industry regulation generally requires university level study and does not directly recognise nutrition courses under the Nationally Recognised Training (vocational training) system without additional university study.  Registration and accreditation of nutrition professionals is a very complex area which is constantly changing and evolving.  If you have particular questions or concerns regarding this matter please feel free to contact us.

Are the certificates awarded from Beck Health & Nutrition the same level as a Certificate II, III or IV in Nutrition?

No, Beck Health & Nutrition courses are not a part of the Nationally Recognised Training System (i.e. they are not Certificate III, IV etc).  

As detailed in our studying to be a professional nutritionist fact sheet, an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine or preferably a degree in nutrition is required for professional qualification purposes in nutrition.  Under the Nationally Recognised Training system (Certificate I through to Advanced Diploma) there are only two nationally-recognised qualifications relating to practicing human nutrition – they are the Certificate III in Nutrition & Dietetics Assistance (this course qualifies you to work as an assistant for an Accredited Professional Dietitian (APD)) and the Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine (which qualifies you to work as a nutritional medicine practitioner).   Most professional registration schemes relating to nutrition professionals will only recognise an Advanced Diploma level of study or preferably a degree in nutrition.

Will my accreditation and insurance be recognised overseas?

Beck Health & Nutrition is PlatinumTraining Provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).  Successful completion of our training programs in nutrition provides automatic eligibility for accreditation and formal recognition as a Nutrition & Health Coach, Health Coach as well as for the modalities of nutrition and sports nutrition (for our Sports & Exercise Nutrition Course only).  

IICT is an independent accreditation membership body for the health and wellness industry.  The IICT’s accreditation and insurance arrangements allow you to access professional indemnity insurance at discounted rates for Health Coaching, Health & Nutrition Coaching, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition.  Professional Indemnity Insurance policies currently start from around $193 per year and because the IICT are active in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, the US and Canada – this means that you can access and carry your accreditation with you if you are planning to work or practice overseas.

Some course providers offer international accreditation arrangements through various international accreditation organisations, what does this mean?

Some course providers include a long list of accreditation arrangements / endorsements for their courses through various international councils and professional bodies.  While these lists may seem impressive, it is important to consider the value that such accreditation arrangements will actually offer you as a learner.  Accreditation through international accreditation or recognition councils may seem impressive and attractive, however in the field of nutrition in Australia, unless the course that you are looking to undertake is at degree level (or higher), accreditation of courses basically does not offer any professional advantage for graduates, and offers no consumer protection for learners.  Beck Health & Nutrition has offered our Satisfaction Guarantee for more than 12 years and remains committed to student satisfaction.

In the case of industry body endorsements or accreditation (for example, Fitness Australia accredits our Nutrition and Diet for industry accreditation and professional development purposes for Fitness Australia fitness professionals and Personal Trainers), these arrangements can be of great value to those individuals who are in this industry, however offer no benefit to learners who are not registered members of that particular industry.

Do you offer instalment payment options?

Beck Health offers two instalment payment options. These options are presented in the payment section of your nutrition course enrolment:

  1. Pay It Later: Allows you to break your nutrition course fees into 4 x weekly payments.
  2. Wizpay: Allows you to spread your nutrition course fees across 4 x fortnightly payments.

Are your nutrition courses suitable for student visa or immigration purposes in Australia? 

No, the short-course, online nature of our courses mean that our courses will not allow you to gain student visa or immigration assistance for Australia.  

Why don’t you offer these courses completely online?

Research constantly confirms that courses delivered completely online have poorer educational outcomes for students.  While we are committed to providing constant online academic support (as well as phone support), complete, professionally produced printed course texts and learning materials allow students to undertake their studies anywhere, without being reliant upon internet access.  When studying via correspondence it is vital to have complete, detailed information available to you.  Beware of distance courses which rely too heavily on note form or presentation formats such as PowerPoint, such media is only helpful if you are in a very well supported lecture environment.

Selected Beck Health & Nutrition courses offer online video tutorials to broaden subject areas and to assist those learners who prefer video / auditory learning.  These video tutorials can be viewed and played back at your leisure and are included as an additional learning resource for those but are not compulsory.

Are there any course prerequisites?

No. Each Beck Health & Nutrition course is developed to present the latest nutrition and health research in a user-friendly, easy to follow format so students from all backgrounds can benefit from and enjoy their studies equally.  Our students have a wide range of educational backgrounds, ranging from doctors, nurses and other health professionals through to people who have not studied since school.  Our ongoing academic support also means you can feel confident you will receive the help you need with your studies.

Study Support

Beck Health & Nutrition is committed to providing the best-possible assistance to our students.  Beck Health & Nutrition specialises in nutrition education only, so you can be sure that course content and academic support is from accredited and experienced nutrition professional at the forefront of nutrition education.   We are on hand to assist you no matter what your question is.  We encourage students to call, email or contact us online for assistance.  All questions are handled confidentially. All assessments are open-book and are completed in your own time.  You can even contact Beck Health & Nutrition if you get stuck on areas of your assessment and we will do our best to help you through.

What happens if I can’t complete my course assessment by the due date?

We want every student who starts studying with us to get the best possible learning experience from their studies – so we are absolutely committed to trying to help everyone finish.  Each nutrition short course is designed to be completed in approximately 40 hours of study self-paced over six months.  This includes time for reading all course materials and preparing and completing practice quizzes and your final assessment).  The time demands of these courses are very flexible.  If you are having trouble completing your course assessment by your designated due date you can simply contact us by phone or email and apply for an extension.  Additionally, if you need to take time off from your studies for any reason, we encourage you to contact us whenever you can and see how we can best help you finish.

Can I complete the course before my set due date?

Yes.  Each nutrition course is designed to be completed in approximately 30-40 hours over a six month period.  This includes time for reading all course materials and preparing and completing practice quizzes and your final assessment).  The time demands of these courses are very flexible and many students complete their course work ahead of schedule.  You may return your completed assessment paper whenever you are ready.

If you require more time to complete your assessment, you can simply contact us and we will organise this for you.

If the answer to your question is not included on this page please submit an online enquiry or email info@beckhealth.com.au  for further assistance.