Nutrition Courses – Common Questions

Nutrition Courses – Common Questions

Here are some answers to your most common nutrition course questions. Please click on the small triangle down arrow on the left of each question to read the answer. You can also find out more in our Nutrition & Health Coaching Course Brochure or ask us a question now

What kind of study and learning support is available?

Beck Health & Nutrition is committed to providing the best-possible assistance to our students via online classroom, zoom, phone or email.  We specialise in nutrition education only, so you can be sure that course content and academic support is from accredited and experienced nutrition professionals. All questions are handled confidentially. All assessments are open-book and are completed in your own time.  You can even contact Beck Health & Nutrition if you get stuck on areas of your assessment or are just feeling overwhelmed and we will do our best to help you through.

Do I need to attend lectures or exams (No)

No.  Everything you need to complete your nutrition and health coaching course is included in your course pack (and downloadable on your online classroom).   Need help? We offer ongoing learning support via online classroom, email or phone. Some courses include live zoom sessions and on-demand video lectures and tutorials to support your learning.

Do I have to complete an exam to pass the course? (Yes)

Yes, to complete your nutrition and health course and receive your certificate of completion, you need to complete an open-book exam (that you complete in your own time and submit when you’re ready). Your exam includes multiple choice, short answer and case-study questions. Some courses also require you to submit a video assessment. We also offer you personalised support and guidance if you need it for your exam. If you don’t pass, you have the option to resubmit only the sections that you need try again (at no extra cost).

Why do you set due dates if the courses are self-paced?

All courses are designed to fit in with your life and schedule, but due dates are required to keep you on track and motivated with your studies. Each certificate level course should take around 50 hours of study to complete (including assessments). If you need more time, we are happy to try to help you with this. Provided the course you are enrolled into is still current, we can extend your studies at no extra cost (conditions apply). Remember we are also happy to help and support you with assessments if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Can I complete my nutrition course as quickly as I like? (Yes)

Yes.  Each nutrition course is designed to be completed in approximately 40-50 hours over a six month period.  This includes time for reading and / or viewing all course materials and preparing and completing practice quizzes and your final assessment).  The time demands of these courses are very flexible and many students complete their course work within a few weeks if they have the time to commit.  You can submit your completed assessments as soon as you’re ready.

What happens if I can’t complete my assessment within 6 months?

We want every student who starts studying with us to get the best possible learning experience from their studies – so we are committed to trying to help everyone finish.  Each nutrition short course is designed to be completed in approximately 50 hours of study self-paced over six months.  This includes time for reading and / or viewing all course materials and preparing and completing practice quizzes for your final assessment(s).  If you are having trouble completing your course assessment by your due date please contact us by email and apply for an extension. Provided the version of the course you enrolled into is still current we would love to have you finish your studies (all course extensions are subject to our enrolment terms and conditions). Additionally, if you need to take time off from your studies for any reason, we encourage you to contact us whenever you can and see if we are able to help you finish.

Do you offer instalment payment options? (Yes)

Yes, we offer two instalment payment options.

  1. AfterPay: Lets you to pay your course fee in 4 equal payments over 6 weeks.
  2. WizIt: Spreads your nutrition course fees across 4 equal payments over 6 weeks.

Simply select your preferred instalment payment option when enrolling into your nutrition course at nutrition course enrolment.

You also have the option to pay for and complete our shorter courses and work towards our Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health (Health & Nutrition Coaching)

Do you offer discounts for studying more than one course?

Yes. If you enrol into more than one course at a time we can offer you a 20% discount from the cost of both courses (this discount does not apply for already discounted or bundled courses). We also offer discounts if you have already studied with us. Please email us for details and your discount code.

Will I be a nutritionist after completing this course?

The short answer is that you can call yourself a nutritionist without doing any study at all. There are a lot of course providers who promise to make you a “nutritionist”. The problem is that technically and legallly anybody can call themselves a nutritionist without doing any study at all (we, of course, don’t recommend this). By completing our Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health (Health & Nutrition Coaching) course you have the option to join the IICT as a professional member (and access insurance) as a Health & Nutrition Coach which will allow you to provide nutrition and health advice and coaching to clients and groups. To find out more about this please visit our health coaching and nutrition course accreditation and insurance page .

In order to become a Registered Nutritionist or Accredited Practicing Dietitian you must first undertake a comprehensive program of tertiary studies through university or private college which commonly take a number of years to complete and cost more than $30,000 (Government Loan Schemes may be available).  Accredited and Registered Nutritionists and Dietitians are also required to show proof of undertaking ongoing education each year in order to continue their registration.

Courses offered by Beck Health & Nutrition offer a stepping stone for individuals wanting to learn about nutrition either for their personal or professional interests.  Our courses also allow people who already work in the health and nutrition industry to broaden their knowledge and keep up to date with latest research and health advice and are approved for continuing education points and professional development for re-registration of health practitioners, fitness professionals and other allied health workers.

To find out more about studying nutrition at a professional degree level please read our information page

Are these courses Nationally Recognised?

Beck Health & Nutrition courses are not a part of the Nationally Recognised Training System. To study nutrition at a professional level in Australia, you ideally should be studying a degree-level (Bachelor) course (4 years full time). Courses such as Certificate 4 level courses in nutrition are not widely recognised in the Australian nutrition industry.

Some of our nutrition courses offer accreditation or approval for professional development from AusActive (formerly Fitness Australia), The Australian Traditional Medicine Society and the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.    If you are looking to study nutrition at a career path level it is important to be mindful that professional accreditation and regulation of nutrition professionals in Australia generally relies on industry bodies including the Nutrition Society of Australia and the Dietitians Association of Australia.  This industry regulation requires university level study and does not directly recognise nutrition courses under the Nationally Recognised Training (vocational training) system. Registration and accreditation of nutrition professionals is a very complex area which is constantly changing and evolving. 

Are the certificates from Beck Health & Nutrition the same as a Certificate II, III or IV in nutrition?

Beck Health & Nutrition courses are not a part of the Nationally Recognised Training System (i.e. they are not Certificate III, IV etc). A degree level course is the general expectation to be qualified as a nutritionist in in Australia. Certificate III / IV level courses or qualifications in nutrition are not widely recognised by The Australian nutrition industry.

A degree in nutrition is your best option for professional qualification purposes in nutrition.  Most professional registration schemes relating to nutrition professionals will only recognise an Advanced Diploma level of study or preferably a degree in nutrition. To read more about this please see our studying to be a professional nutritionist page,

Is IICT professional membership and insurance for nutritional advice and health coaching recognised overseas?

Beck Health & Nutrition is an Approved Platinum Provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).  Completing selected Beck Health & Nutrition courses gives you the option to take out membership and insurance via the IICT as a Nutrition & Health Coach (Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health) or Sports Nutrition (Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition Course – only if you already hold a Certificate IV in Fitness), or Weight Loss Consultant (if you complete both the Certificate of Nutrition Diet & Certificate of Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching).  Please see the course pages as well as our enrolment Terms and Conditions for more details.

The IICT’s membership and insurance arrangements allow you to access professional indemnity insurance at discounted rates for Health & Nutrition Coaching, Sports & Nutrition or Weight Loss Consulting (please see more on our insurance for nutritional advice page here).  Professional Indemnity Insurance policies start from around $193 per year. The IICT are active in many countries including New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, the US and Canada (please check with the IICT for further details about membership arrangements outside of Australia). Please also refer to our enrolment Terms & Conditions.

Can these nutrition and health coaching courses be used for student visas or immigration purposes in Australia? (No)

No. Our courses will not allow you to gain student visa or immigration assistance for Australia.  

Why do you still offer an printed course pack if you can access all learning materials online?

You are able to access and complete your course completely online, however we also include a printed course pack. This is because we still believe (and research continues to confirm) that courses delivered completely online have poorer educational outcomes for students (and we also still learn and comprehend better from printed documents).  While we provide a complete online learning experience (downloadable texts and documents, optional video tutorials and exam submission via our Google Classroom) we also offer online and email support and a complete, printed course pack to make your studies even more flexible and enjoyable.

Selected Beck Health & Nutrition courses offer online video tutorials to broaden subject areas and to assist those learners who prefer video / auditory learning.  These video tutorials can be viewed and played back at your leisure and are included as an additional learning resource for those but are not compulsory. If you would prefer not to receive a printed course pack – please just note this in your enrolment notes.

Are there prerequisites for studying a Beck Health & Nutrition course?

No. Each Beck Health & Nutrition course is developed to present the latest nutrition and health research in a user-friendly, easy to follow format so students from all backgrounds can benefit from and enjoy their studies equally.  Our students have a wide range of educational backgrounds, ranging from doctors, nurses and other health professionals through to people who have not studied since school.  Our ongoing academic support also means you can feel confident you will receive the help you need with your studies.

Do you offer course discounts if you study more than one course?

Will I receive a certificate at the end of my studies?

Yes, definitely. You will be provided with a personalised nutrition certificate with your name, course completed and accreditation details linked to that course.

If the answer to your question is not included on this page please submit an online enquiry or email  for further assistance.