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Thinking about studying a health coaching course? Read this first.

What is a health coach?

A Health Coach is a new type of health practitioner.  Health coaches focus on their client’s nutrition, eating patterns, exercise, health behaviours and healthy mindset / beliefs to optimise health, achieve a healthy body weight and assist with stress and lifestyle management.    

It is important to understand that many health coaching course colleges offer very expensive courses that promise qualifications that are not widely recognised by the Australian health industry.  Many health coach course colleges describe career, job and income opportunities that are, in our professional opinion, unrealistic.  To be to be a successful health coach, nutritionist (or any health or lifestyle practitioner), it will take a lot of passion, time and effort to build up your own clientele or audience. It is extremely unlikely that you will be offered a full-time job as a health coach.  You will need to create your own success.

Here’s a few things to think about before choosing to study a health coaching course: 

Are health coaches and health coaching courses recognised in Australia?

Many Australian and international health coach training courses and qualifications promise that, after graduating from their health coaching courses, you will be working alongside doctors, dietitians and medical professionals and describe large earning potential as an “in-demand” health coach.  Health coaches, nutrition coaches, nutritional counsellors and wellness coaches are not well-recognised in Australia.  No health coaching courses are recognised by the Australian government or private health insurance funds (as a health coach you won’t be able to offer private health rebates to clients).

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be a successful health coach.  Now more than ever, there are amazing opportunities and public interest in health and wellness.  Opportunities in corporate health, private practice, whole food and specialist health food catering, meal planning, online health coaching, freelance writing, streaming, blogging and social media are just some of the growth areas where health coaches can help people take control of their diet, nutrition, health and wellness.

Finding work / job prospects as a health coach or nutrition counsellor

Once you graduate from any nutrition, wellness or online health coach course (including nutrition degrees) it is likely that you will need to find your own niche and create your own success. It is challenging to find paid, full-time work in nutrition – even if you are a research nutritionist employed by a university or industry or Accredited Practicing Dietitian employed in hospitals or in the food industry.

Please read our information page about choosing a nutrition degree or diploma here if you are interested in studying to become an accredited Australian nutritionist (study nutrition at a degree or advanced diploma level).

Creating your own success as a health coach 

Creating your success as a health coach will require interest, passion and motivation, not just in health, nutrition and wellness but also with working with people, marketing and building your own business.  Anyone can become a health coach, but a background in health, fitness, medical, retail, marketing can help give you a head-start building up a busy health-coaching client base.

Are there specific health coaching courses or qualifications you need to undertake to become a health coach or nutritional counsellor?

No.  Legally in Australia you can call yourself a health coach (or a nutritionist) without doing any formal study or any particular health or nutrition coaching course at all.  If you are planning to offer any type of health or nutrition coaching for clients, it is important to consider if you are covered by professional indemnity insurance.

Beck Health & Nutrition nutrition courses allow you to access insurance for nutrition and health coaching, design meal plans and menus and provide nutritional advice.  

Beck Nutrition Courses - Accredited by IICTRecognition as a nutrition and health coach

Our nutrition and health coaching courses offer training, qualifications, professional recognition and insurance options you need to work as a health coach in Australia and around the world.

We (Beck Health & Nutrition) are an approved Platinum Training Provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).  Successful completion of any of our nutrition courses and health coaching courses provides automatic eligibility for recognition and insurance for nutrition, health & nutrition coaching and meal planning activities. 

Completion of our Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health also provides automatic eligibility for recognition and insurance for the practitioner modality of:

  • Dietary Consultant (Nutritional Counselling)

Completion of our Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition course provides automatic eligibility for accreditation and insurance for the practitioner modality of:

  • Sports Nutrition

To find out more or to apply for access this discounted accreditation membership please use the following link: 

IICT is an independent membership body for the health and wellness industry.  The IICT’s membership and insurance arrangements allow you to access professional indemnity insurance at discounted rates for Health Coaching, Health & Nutrition Coaching, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition.  The IICT are active in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, The UK and Europe, USA and Canada.

Insurance as a health coach

Once you have received your approval and professional membership from the IICT you are automatically eligible for up to $20 Million cover of Combined Medical Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance via BMS Insurance Brokers.  BMS Insurance provides professional indemnity insurance for a many health, fitness and wellbeing occupations.  Insurance policies start from $110 per year or $77 for student insurance cover.      

You will be recognised and approved (and eligible to access professional indemnity insurance) as a Nutrition & Health Coach and Dietary Consultant (Nutritional Counsellor) for paid consultations – nutritional and dietary advice including:

  • Nutrition, dietary and anthropometric (body composition) assessment
  • Explaining impact of nutrition and dietary quality on health, wellness and disease to clients and groups. 
  • Weight loss and healthy weight management concepts and approaches including the ability to assess popular and fad diets and ensure adequate nutritional intake via practical, food-based recommendations including developing tailored meal plans for clients and groups
  • developing meal plans and nutritional advice for clients wishing to lose weight, achieve body composition or exercise goals.  
  • Nutritional pre-screening via dietary records and food recall
  • Practical aspects of meal planning and modification to best achieve dietary quality and nutritional requirements
  • Understanding and explaining food labeling
  • Identifying nutritional deficiencies or dietary gaps and providing practical, food-based recommendations to address such deficiencies or gaps
  • Tailored nutritional approaches to address individual needs including cultural, lifestyle, motivational and behavioural factors
  • Understanding of when referral to a medical or nutrition professional is necessary.

This is a confirmed list of activities covered under professional membership and insurance as a nutrition & health coach by the IICT and associated professional indemnity insurance brokers.  

It is important to remember that our nutrition courses are short-course (they are not intended to take the place of a degree in dietetics or nutrition science).  Our courses will allow you to become accredited, work and access discounted professional indemnity insurance as a Health & Nutrition coach or nutritional advisor. 

IICTaccreditedhealthcoachcourseInsurance as a nutrition & health coach or nutritional counsellor

Once you have received your professional membership from the IICT you are automatically eligible for up to $20 Million cover of Combined Medical Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance via BMS Insurance Brokers.  BMS Insurance  provide professional indemnity insurance for a many health, fitness and wellbeing occupations.  Insurance policies start from $110 per year  or $77 for student insurance cover.       

ATMS-CPE-20+pointsBeck Health & Nutrition's Certificate of Nutrition and Diet course is accredited for 15 CEC points from Fitness AustraliaIndustry Accreditation

Many Beck Health & Nutrition courses are accredited with various health and fitness bodies.  This means that if you are already a part of this industry, you can receive professional development points for your ongoing registration.  All of our courses are accredited by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.  Our Nutrition & Diet for Exercise Professionals course is also accredited by Fitness Australia for 15 CEC points. 

Why don’t Beck Health & Nutrition health coaching courses and programs include compulsory marketing and business coaching modules?

Beck Health & Nutrition specialises in nutrition and health education.  Some health coaching courses include compulsory business marketing units, however many of our learners have already developed unique skills via studies, training or life / work experience. 

Instead of making marketing and business development a compulsory part of your health coaching course, we provide interested learners a range of fantastic, professional and affordable study options for you.  

When you complete your nutrition and health coaching course with us, you can also join the IICT, which offers an extensive array of marketing and business tools to assist health coaches grow their businesses.

Beck Health & Nutrition health coaching courses give you:

  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of nutrition as it relates to diet, disease and wellbeing both at an individual, group and community level
  • Confidence and skills to make informed decisions and judgments regarding the latest diets and health trends 
  • Meal planning and nutritional analysis skills for a wide variety of common circumstances including health, weight goals, athletic training, cultural preferences and dietary trends. 
  • A love of nutrition and health science as it relates to our everyday life and health goals. 

Please note: Beck Health & Nutrition courses are not appropriate for accreditation as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) or a Registered Nutritionist.  Beck Health & Nutrition courses are also not eligible for student visas or immigration purposes for Australia.  To find out more about studying nutrition in Australia please read our information page.

Nutrition and health coach courses

Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health ($750)

Combines our Certificate of Nutrition & Diet course with your choice of nutrition specialisation (Nutrition for Stress, Anxiety & Depression, Childhood & Adolescent Nutrition, Sports & Exercise Nutrition or Healthy Body Weight Nutrition).  This course is perfect if you are interested in becoming a nutrition and health coach, nutritional counsellor, or if you want to write diet and menu plans or provide nutritional advice.  

Certificate of Nutrition & Diet ($450)

The Nutrition and Diet course provides a comprehensive introduction to the science of nutrition and dietary analysis.

Certificate of Infant, Childhood & Adolescent Nutrition (0-18 years) ($425)

This unique nutrition course explores the nutrition and early childhood developmental principles to establish healthy eating patterns from infancy to adolescence.

Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition ($425)

The Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition course explores the latest nutritional strategies to optimise and enhance athletic performance. Includes elements of exercise physiology, nutrition, dietary analysis and nutritional planning for athletes.

Certificate of Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching ($425) 

Presents the nutrition, motivation and lifestyle strategies to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and help manage type 2 diabetes.

Certificate of Nutrition for Stress, Anxiety & Depression ($450)

This unique nutrition course provides a complete, up-to-the-minute study of the nutrition, diet, exercise and lifestyle research findings.  Covers skills and knowledge to help optimise mental health and wellbeing through dietary strategies.

Accreditation, job opportunities, insurance and professional recognition for work in nutrition or as a health coach are always changing.  If you have a particular question about choosing a course or career plan, we are happy to help. 

Simply submit an enquiry form and we’ll try our best to help you out.   

Disclaimer: this information is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate and current and is provided in good faith in order to assist people considering undertaking a course of study in nutrition, health or wellness coaching.  Beck Health & Nutrition will not be held liable for any errors or omissions contained.

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