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Thinking about studying a health coaching course? Read this first

What is a health coach?

As a Health Coach you can coach and provide personalised advice to help guide your client’s nutrition, eating patterns, exercise and mindset to optimise health, reduce disease risk, achieve and maintain healthy body weight, and assist with stress and lifestyle management.

Becoming a Health Coach can be a super-rewarding career. Health coaches can help people take control of their diet, nutrition, health and wellness.  The problem is that many nutrition and health coaching course-providers and colleges seem to (in our professional opinion) make unrealistic promises regarding your future career, job, and income prospects. It’s unlikely that you will be offered a full-time job as a health coach. To truly make a successful career as a Health & Nutrition Coach you will need to create your own success. It takes passion, time and dedication to build up your own business.

But it’s not all bad news. There is absolutely a growing demand for health and wellness services, and there are loads of amazing opportunities for health coaches in areas and industries including corporate health, media, social media, online health or nutrition coaching, private practice, whole food and specialty health food catering, freelance writing, streaming, blogging, and online platforms. Many already-qualified medical, health and fitness professionals also study our health & nutrition coaching courses to expand their services.

Things to consider before choosing a health coaching course

Are health coaches and health coaching courses widely recognised in the Australian nutrition and health industry?

Many Australian and international health coach courses and training programs promise lucrative career opportunities working alongside doctors, dietitians and other registered medical professionals. However, health coaching, nutrition coaching, nutritional counseling, and wellness coaching are not widely recognised in Australia. No health coaching courses are recognised by the Australian government or private health insurance funds, meaning that as a health coach, you cannot offer private health (or Medicare) rebates to clients.

Finding work / job prospects and employment as a health coach

Once you graduate from any nutrition, wellness or online health coach course (including nutrition degrees) you will need to find your own niche and create your own success. It may be challenging to find paid, full-time work in nutrition – even if you are a research nutritionist employed by a university or industry or Accredited Practicing Dietitian employed in hospitals or in the food industry.

To find out more about becoming a nutritionist please read our information page

Creating your own success and a health or nutrition coach

Creating your success as a health coach will need interest, passion and motivation, not just in health, nutrition and wellness but also with working with people, marketing and building your own business.  Anyone can become a successful health coach, but a background in health, fitness, medical, retail, marketing or having an established and engaged social media following can help give you a head-start building up a successful health-coaching client base.

Are there specific health coaching courses or qualifications you need to study to become a Health Coach?

In Australia, anyone can legally call themselves a nutritionist or a health coach without doing any study at all (we do not recommend this). Our nutrition courses are flexible, comprehensive, high-quality and enjoyable courses that allow you to learn, study and truly understand how nutrition, food choices and overall dietary quality influences our health. The courses comprehensively cover the underlying nutrition science of our diets as well as how food choices, diet quality impact our health (and practical, realistic, food based strategies to improve our diet and health).

Professional insurance, recognition and membership as a Health & Nutrition Coach  

Beck Nutrition Courses - IICT membership and insurance for nutritional  advice and coaching.

By completing our Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health Coaching course you will be automatically eligible to join the IICT as a professional Nutrition & Health Coach. This membership and professional recognition allows you access to professional indemnity insurance for Health & Nutrition Coaching. This is a great option if you are planning to provide nutrition, health and lifestyle assessments, advice and personalised nutrition and health plans for your clients and groups. You will be covered to provide nutritional, diet, body weight, stress management and health advice and coaching. If you have any questions please contact us

Industry Nutrition Course Accreditation


Selected Beck Health & Nutrition courses are accredited with AusActive (Fitness Australia). All of our courses are accredited and approved by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Please note: Beck Health & Nutrition courses are not appropriate for accreditation as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) or a Registered Nutritionist.  Beck Health & Nutrition courses are also not eligible for student visas or immigration purposes for Australia.  To find out more about studying nutrition in Australia please read our information page.

Health & Nutrition Courses

  • Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health Coaching $895 – gives you the option to gain professional membership and insurance as a Health & Nutrition Coach to provide tailored health and nutritional advice (including tailored kilojoule and nutrient recommendations for body weight and health goals) for clients and groups.
  • Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition ($450)The Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition course explores the latest nutritional strategies to optimise and enhance athletic performance. Includes elements of exercise physiology, nutrition, dietary analysis and nutritional planning for athletes.
  • Certificate of Infant, Childhood & Adolescent Nutrition (0-18 years) ($450) this unique nutrition course explores the nutrition and early childhood developmental principles to establish healthy eating patterns from infancy to adolescence.

Accreditation, job opportunities, insurance and professional recognition for work in nutrition or as a health coach are always changing.  If you have a particular question about choosing a course or career plan, we are happy to help. 

Simply submit an enquiry form and we’ll try our best to help you out.   

Disclaimer: this information is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate and current and is provided in good faith in order to assist people considering undertaking a course of study in nutrition, health or wellness coaching.  Beck Health & Nutrition will not be held liable for any errors or omissions contained.