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Certificate of Healthy Body Weight Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching

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Flexible nutrition and health coaching course.  Nutrition, motivation and lifestyle strategies for weight loss and healthy body weight maintenance.  Understand how to help coach individuals and groups to achieve and maintain optimal body composition for effective, scientifically-validated and practical  management of overweight, obesity and type 2 diabetes.  

Course Code NUT05
Course Duration 40 hours self-paced over 6 months
Course Delivery Distance and online (you do not need to attend lectures or exams).
Highly qualified, accredited Australian nutrition professionals to support your learning
The Certificate of Healthy Body Weight Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching is open to both Australian and overseas students.
Accreditation NUT05 Certificate of Healthy Body Weight Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching covers all training competencies stipulated by the Weight Management Code of Practice of Australia for staff working in the weight loss industry.

IICT-ATP SealStudents who successfully complete Beck Health & Nutrition’s Certificate of Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching course are automatically eligible for accreditation and indemnity insurance via the International Institute for Complementary Therapists for nutritional advice, dietary counselling and health coaching.

ATMS-CPE-20+pointsThis course is approved for 40 Continuing Education purposes by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

Course Fee: AUD $425.00 includes all course materials and  texts (printed and express posted), academic support and assessments, as well as electronic access to all learning materials (iPad and Android compatible).
The Certificate of Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching presents a comprehensive insight into the nutrition and lifestyle strategies required to effectively manage body weight and type 2 diabetes.

Every day in Australia more than 600 adults progress from being overweight to obese and approximately 275 adults develop type 2 diabetes*.  There is no simple solution to obesity – weight loss and effective long-term healthy body weight management requires commitment to permanently change eating and exercise habits.  Healthy Weight for Life explores the latest health, nutrition and lifestyle research and guidelines in a common sense, user-friendly format.  Understand how to use practical and effective nutrition and lifestyle strategies to take control of body weight and blood sugar problems.  Ongoing access to professional nutritionists to support your learning.

* Reference: International Diabetes Institute, Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study  – Follow Up (AusDiab).

Certificate of Healthy Body Weight Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching: Course Outline

Course content may be subject to changes.

Module 1 Health Impact of Excess Body Weight
Focus point: What is type 2 diabetes?
Module 2 Determining overweight and obesity
Focus point: Link between body weight, metabolic syndrome and diabetes
Module 3 Energy Balance
Focus Point: Causes of Obesity – Nature Versus Nurture
Module 4 Nutritional strategies to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight for life
Focus point: What to look for in a sound weight loss diet
Module 5 Carbohydrates and the glycaemic index weight loss and weight management
Focus point: Glycaemic index and diabetes
Module 6 Dietary fats, body weight and diabetes
Focus point: diabetes, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease
Module 7 Protein, body weight and diabetes
Focus point: Protein, appetite and weight loss
Module 8 Body fat storage and utilization
Focus point: Eating and appetite
Module 9 Physical activity for weight loss and management
Focus point: physical activity for diabetes prevention and management
Module 10 Stress, emotions and body weight issues
Focus point: stress and diabetes
Module 11 Behaviour modification, motivation and weight loss
Focus point: Making changes: Action plans to lose weight and achieve optimal body composition
Module 12 Diet, physical activity and behavioural strategies for preventing and managing overweight and obesity in children and teenagers
Certificate of Healthy Body Weight Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching also includes practical strategies, menu ideas and lifestyle suggestions to help achieve a healthy body weight, optimal body composition and prevent and manage type 2 diabetes.

Course Delivery Details

  • Self paced, correspondence study (distance education – no need to attend lectures or exams)
  • Comprehensive course text (included in course pack)
  • Learning activities Booklets (included in course pack)
  • Latest Health Research Booklet (included in course pack)
    Constant access to phone, email and online support from professional nutritionists to answer your nutrition and health questions.
    Online learning and research tools via the Beck Health & Nutrition Online Study Centre
Course Prerequisites No prerequisites
Course Assessment Open book, un-timed, course assessment (exam) 100%
Course Text Beck K (2019), Certificate of Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching, 11th Edition (included in course price).
Course Tutor:


Kristen Beck

  • Master of Human Nutrition (Deakin University) – Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Achievement
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education Studies (Higher Education) (Macquarie University
  • Bachelor of Health Science (University of New England)
  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
  • Diploma of Nutrition
  • Diploma of Herbal Medicine
  • Diploma of Homoeopathy
  • Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Registered Nutritionist and member of Nutrition Society of Australia (Member Number: 1624).
  • Accredited Nutritionist and member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (Member Number: 8542).
  • To read more about Kristen’s qualifications and industry experience click here.
What our students say:

“Simple and straight forward yet complete course material that is easy to understand” Dr Elizabeth Manickam, VIC

“Notes were easy to follow, assessment paper clear and easy to follow.  Research papers an added bonus” Christine Soper, VIC

“I liked every aspect of the course, especially the easy to read textbook.  I found the course very enjoyable” Ashleigh Burton, WA  

“Thanks heaps Kristen!  It is people like yourself that we rely on for nutritional info.  I thought I knew a lot about nutrition before but I am blown away with the things l learned and how confident I now am in my understanding of nutrition”.  Shane Jones, VIC 

“The course gave me invaluable information regarding healthy weight management that was practical and easy to apply to real life.  Easy to navigate through the course work (I liked the way the course was presented and packaged)”  Stephne Ceicys, SA.

“I didn’t have a lot of schooling background but was thrilled by how much I learned during this course.  Thank you”.  Leeanne VIC.

“I found the course challenging but very interesting.  I had no idea nutrition was so involved.  I can’t believe how much I learnt” Rachel.  SA.

“Loads of info that can easily be put into practical use”  Jennifer Barnes, QLD

The Certificate of Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching provides the practical, scientifically-validated nutrition, activity and lifestyle principles required to safely and successfully lose body weight, achieve optimal body composition and maintain a healthy body weight in the long term.  This course is ideal both for individuals wanting to take control of their own health and body weight as well as for health, food or fitness professionals working with clients to achieve safe, effective and long-term weight loss.  This course may also be used for recognition of prior learning for various nationally recognised qualifications including nutrition, pharmacy, fitness, community and public health.

Students who successfully complete Beck Health & Nutrition’s Certificate of Healthy Body Weight Nutrition course are automatically eligible for accreditation from the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and will be eligible for professional indemnity and business insurance for nutrition and health coaching. 

Note: Beck Health & Nutrition courses are designed for professional development and personal interest purposes.  A course from any non-university provider will not provide you with the qualifications required to become a nutrition professional such as a Registered Nutritionist or Accredited Practicing Dietitian (you will need to go to a recognised Australian university for this).  Accreditation and insurance options for health coaching and nutritional advice is, however a valuable opportunity for individuals passionate about health, wellbeing and nutrition to  work and access insurance for the tailored health, nutrition and wellness services they wish to provide (health and nutrition coaching, nutrition and dietary advice, nutrition and health communications, healthy eating coaching and education) and provide professionalism to their work.Beck Nutrition Courses - Accredited by IICT 

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