Media Nutritionist Kristen Beck is an independent, highly-qualified & experienced media nutritionist

  • Master of Human Nutrition (Deakin University – Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Achievement)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (University of New England)
  • Graduate Certificate Higher Education (Macquarie University)
  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
  • Juris Doctor (law degree – currently studying) RMIT University)
Kristen Beck Nutritionist Media TV
TV Nutritionist Kristen Beck (M.Hum.Nut., B.H.Sc.)
Kristen Beck - Television Media Nutrition Personality - Channel 9 News

Kristen Beck is a Registered Nutritionist, Health Scientist, Naturopath and respected writer, public speaker and media commentator.

She is currently studying a Juris Doctorate (law degree) via RMIT University with a focus on public health and nutrition policy.

48 year Kristen is a truly independent nutritionist who bases her nutritional advice and media commentary on scientific merit and public health interest.  As a mum of three “almost adults” with more than 20 years of nutrition, supplement and fitness industry experience, Kristen brings a practical and independent point of view to the often over-complicated topics of nutrition.

She has conducted more than 100 television interviews including Sunrise (Channel 7), A Current Affair (Channel 9), TODAY (Channel 9), The Project (Channel 10), Channel 9 News, Channel 10 News, Channel 7 News, Today Tonight & The Daily Edition plus radio 2UE, 2GB, KIIS 1065 and 3AW.

Kristen also has extensive newspaper and magazine media experience and is regularly quoted in and The Daily Telegraph, and has held the roles of Resident Nutritionist at Women’s Health and Cleo magazines.

Kristen and her family live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. When she isn’t working or being a mum you can normally find her soft-sand running, surfing or just staring happily at the ocean.

This page is somewhat disorganised. It is mostly presented in chronological order. Note: Kristen is an independent media nutritionist. Any commercial arrangements are always clearly disclosed.

Television Interviews

Sunrise – July 2024 – Foods to Keep your skin healthy and moisturised during winter – Kristen Beck Nutritionist Interview –

Media Nutritionist Kristen Beck (Master of Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Health Science) Channel 7 Sunrise

Sunrise – June 2024 – Foods to Boost Mood and Support Mental Health – Kristen Beck Nutritionist Interview –

Sunrise – July 2024 – Prebiotic and Probiotic Soda Nutritional Claims – Kristen Beck Nutritionist Interview –

Media Nutritionist Kristen Beck is an independent freelance expert available for media comments.

Sunrise – April 2024 – Hidden Sugars in Our Foods – Kristen Beck Nutritionist Interview –

A Current Affair – The Truth About Protein – Kristen Beck Expert Media Nutritionist Comments

Kristen Beck - Master of Human Nutrition - Deakin University Vice Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Achievement

Kristen Beck – Deakin University Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Achievement – Master of Human Nutrition

A Current Affair – Are frozen vegetables as healthy as fresh? Kristen Beck Nutritionist interview

Channel 9 News - Kristen Beck nutritionist television interview.

Channel 9 News – New Research into Nutrition & Diet for Optimal Ageing and Disease Risk –

Today Show – Kristen Beck Nutritionist – New Year Health Trends

Kristen Beck - TODAY show - Media TV Nutritionist - Nutrition & Health Coaching Courses

Today Show – Weight Loss Tips Kristen Beck Nutritionist interview

Nutritionist Kristen Beck A Current Affair Soups Interview

A Current Affair – Healthiest Supermarket Soups – Nutritionist Interview

BOOST Juice – Pleasure & Pine Smoothie – Kristen Beck Nutritionist

A Current Affair – October 2020 – Can ice cream be healthy?

Nutritionist Media Kristen Beck Sunrise 2021

Sunrise – March 2021 – Should schools ban birthday cakes?

Kristen Beck (M.Hum.Nut., B.HSc) is an nutritionist and media expert who regularly provides independent, unbiased, scientifically-based, practical nutritional advice for television, radio and news organisations.

To request media interviews please contact Kristen at or call 0413338276

Media Expert and Nutritionist Kristen Beck - Freelance and Independent Media Commentator

Radio Interviews

Kristen Beck Nutritionist Radio Interview 2GB Media

August 2022 – Radio 2GB with Deborah Knight – Kristen Beck – Nutrition & Health Benefits of Avocados

Writing and expert comments – Newspaper and Magazines

Sydney Morning Herald (April 2024) – Nutrition, school children’s breakfasts and academic performance – Nutritionist Kristen Beck comments

Body & Soul Magazine ( October 2023 – Are supplements the key to getting through menopause? Nutritionist Kristen Beck comments

Australia’s Women’s Weekly – September 2023 – The 7 best foods to support your health during menopause – Kristen Beck nutritionist media comments

House of Wellness September 2023 – Nutrition for Women: Top tips for female health and wellbeing. Nutritionist Kristen Beck media comments

House of Wellness – March 2023 – Tim Tok tinned fish craze – how healthy is it? – Nutritionist Kristen Beck comments

House of Wellness – November 2022 – Plant vs. Animal Proteins – Kristen Beck Nutritionist Comments – July 2022 – Nutritionist Kristen Beck and Avocado Farmer Tom Silva make plea to Australian market

Healthy-ish Podcast – August 2022 – Do We Really Need Breakfast – Interview with nutritionist Kristen Beck and Felicity Harley

Sun Herald - Lunchboxes - Kristen Beck Nutritionist Media Comments
Kristen Beck Media Comments – Women’s Health Magazine Australia
Women's Health Magazine - Kristen Beck Nutritionist Media
Nutritionist Kristen Beck – Women’s Health Magazine – Rice Malt Syrup Review
Nutritionist Kristen Beck Comments - The Daily Telegraph Media
Kristen Beck Nutrition Comments – The Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph (March 2022) “Schools Sugar Ban” – Nutritionist Kristen Beck expert comments

Daily Telegraph (May 2022) Cancer Council calls for ham to be banned from school lunchboxes – Nutritionist Kristen Beck Media Comments

Daily Telegraph (March 2021) Should schools ban birthday cakes – Nutritionist Kristen Beck Media Comments

Daily Telegraph (April 2020) Volumetrics Diet – Nutrition Comments and Review Kristen Beck Nutritionist

Daily Telegraph (January 2020) Child obesity levels at 7 year high – Kristen Beck Nutritionist comments

Daily Mail (January 2020) Diet, Food and Nutrition predictions for 2020 (October 2018) – Why you should stop eating tomato sauce right now (October 2018) – Coca-Cola launches cola and coffee range – Kristen Beck nutrition comments 

Daily Telegraph (May 2018) – Shoppers get sweet truth: Sales of sugar-laden products decline as health campaigns kick in (March 2018) – Nestle announce new “structured sugar” chocolate wowsomes

Manly Daily (April 2018) – Tips for healthy eating over Easter (February 2018) – Are hemp seeds really a superfood? – New Year, New Diet – The best and worst diets according to the experts – January 2018 – Health experts reveal which alcohol is most likely to give you a hangover – December 2017 – Choice reveals best supermarket-brand breads – Diet Debate: Why you’re wasting your time on low sugar or no sugar diet drinks – The Health Star Rating is tricking you

Women’s Health Magazine – Do we really need to eat 10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day to be healthy? – Kyle Sandilands admits to drinking 30 cups coffee per day – Nutritionist Kristen Beck Comments – The breakfast mistake we’ve all been making Nutritionist Kristen Beck media comments – Is coffee the key to losing weight?

Women’s Health Magazine – Ask the expert – Why do I crave sweets straight after my meals?

Women’s Health Magazine – The Soapbox – Is the paleo diet healthy for women? – Just one can a day of Diet Coke or Pepsi Max per day can triple the risk of stroke or dementia – Kristen Beck comments

Manly Daily – Healthy Eating Tips for a Guilt-Free Easter – The scary truth about what’s in Nutella 

Anytime Fitness Nutrition 2018 – 5 easy nutrition swaps to help drop kilos (and boost nutrition)

Anytime Fitness Nutrition 2018 – Is there a place for sugars in a healthy diet? 

Anytime Fitness Nutrition 2018 – Eat your way to a healthier mind – How sugar is hijacking your brain

Women’s Health Magazine – Q & As Why does my mouth taste weird after eating pineapple

Women’s Health – The Latest Health & Nutrition Trends 2016 – Chopped vegetables for sale in supermarkets in NZ: Ridiculous or ingenious? Nutritionist Kristen Beck comments – What happens to your body during a day at the races – Nutritionist Kristen Beck explains

Women’s Health Magazine: Q and As Health Waters & Green smoothies

Women’s Health Magazine: Are cholesterol foods really back on the menu?

Women’s Health Magazine: Baby Food; Nutrition for Pregnancy Feature

Women’s Health Magazine: Healthy Dose: Health Apps the experts swear by

Women’s Health Magazine; Should the Heart Foundation Tick be scrapped?

Women’s Health Magazine: Are intravenous vitamins the hangover cure?

Women’s Health Magazine: Does Organic Food Help Prevent Cancer?

Women’s Health August 2013: 99 Best Packaged Foods

Women’s Health August 2013: Portion Distortion 

Daily Life June 2013: Best Workout Snacks for Runners

Daily Life April 2013: The Cult of Clean Eating  

Women’s Health January 2013: Powder to the People; the rise (and rise) of green superfoods

Women’s Health August 2012: 125 Best Packaged Foods

Marie Claire Magazine December 2012: The Christmas Survival Guide

In Style Magazine June 2012: Diets at your Doorstep – In Style reviews the most popular food delivery weight loss programs

Women’s Health May 2011; Protein Prescription; Why this potent weight loss weapon is your key to a slim body – and how to get your daily dose

Women’s Health May 2011; Tuna in Spring Water Vs Olive Oil 

Women’s Health May 2011; Expert Panel Profile: Kristen Beck

Cosmopolitan Health 2011: Beat the 3pm munchies

Runner’s World Magazine:  Runner Profile – Kristen Beck

Balance Magazine Autumn 2011:  Ironing out the Facts 

Women’s Health Magazine April 2011: Organic Vs Free Range

Women’s Health Magazine April 2011: Nutrition Q & A

Women’s Health Magazine January 2011: The Detox Debate

Women’s Health March 2011: How to Age Gracefully

Women’s Health Magazine December 2010: Energy Drinks

Women’s Health Magazine October 2010: Understanding Carbohydrate Values on Food Labels

Cleo Magazine February 2011: What I ate this week

Cleo Magazine January 2011: What’s chewing up your pay cheque?

Cleo Magazine October 2010: EatPraiseLove

Women’s Health Magazine September 2010: Cereal Killers

Women’s Health Magazine September 2010: Go with the Grain

Cosmopolitan Bride 2010: What to Eat on Your Wedding Day

Women’s Health Magazine July 2010: Trans Fatty Acids

Radio Interviews

Talking Lifestyle with Mieke Buchan and Rob Duckworth – When is a hangover really a hangover? 

2GB Sydney Live with Ben Fordham – Hangover Cures

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