New 5:2 Diet – 200 more calories and fast while you sleep

Dr Michael Mosley, creator of the 5:2 diet recently announced a new version of his “Fast Diet” which allows 200 extra calories on fasting days, plus the option to fast overnight.

The 5:2 diet has proven both successful and extremely popular amongst devotees.  The original version of the 5:2 “Fast Diet” dictated that dieters limit their calorie intake to just 600 calories for two ‘fasting’ days each week and advocates fasting for about 12 hours between breakfast and dinner.  This very low calorie, 600 calorie target can be extremely challenging for many – particularly on busy weekdays / workdays when dieters are most likely fast, with many people ending up ‘tired and irritable’ after going without foods for so long during the day.

Dr Mosley’s revamped 800 calorie fasting days, spread over three meals (with the the 12 + hour fast overnight) fast will undoubtedly make sticking to this regime significantly easier to implement and stick to.

Fasting has been practiced throughout the centuries for a range of perceived health, religious and cultural purposes – but planned fasts are best paired with calm, quiet days of reflection – not busy workdays.  Our bodies are set up to expect famine – that’s why we’re so good at storing fat.  The problem (!?) is that, in modern society, the famine never comes.  Significant research also supports the practice of intermittent fasting for weight loss.  One major benefit of the 5:2 diet is that people actually learn that it is OK to be hungry occasionally, and learn to get back in tune with their own internal hunger and appetite cues, rather than eating out of habit, schedule or external environmental messaging (food advertising, others around them eating etc).

The new 800 calorie version of the popular 5:2 diet certainly seems a lot more user-friendly.  We’ll just need to wait and see if the actual results are as impressive as the original version.

Note: this blog is an edited version of nutrition comments made by Kristen Beck on Channel 9’s A Current Affair Program.  To view the clip please go to: or view media archive at Media Nutritionist Kristen Beck Television Segments Sydney




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