Nutrition & Diet for Exercise Professionals (15 Fitness Australia CECs)

Fitness Australia 15 CEC Nutrition Course - Beck Health & Nutrition

The self-paced, online Nutrition & Diet for Exercise Professionals course presents a comprehensive overview of nutrition science and dietary analysis in a user-friendly, easy to understand format.

This online CEC Nutrition course is tailored for Australian Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors and Group Exercise Instructors.

Course Duration: 40 hours self-paced (start and finish as quickly as you like).

Course Fee: Discounted Price $270 (normally $425 – this discount is valid until 30th September 2021).  

25 CEC Bundle Discount Offer $495: This course can be combined with our Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing Course for the discounted price of $495 for 25 CECs. To enrol into this bundle option click here.

Course Pre-requisite: You must hold a Certificate 3 in Fitness (or higher) to receive Fitness Australia CEC points.

Course Delivery:

  • Online and distance study (no need to attend lectures or exams)
  • All course materials (including course textbook and online video tutorials) provided both via online classroom plus printed course materials express posted as soon as you enrol.
  • Constant study support from friendly, highly-qualified nutritionists.

Course Assessment: One open book, self-paced assessment that can be completed at your own pace. Combination of multiple choice, short answer and case study questions.

Course Textbook: Beck K, 2021,  Nutrition and Diet for Exercise Professionals (3rd edition) , Beck Health & Nutrition, Australia (included in course pack).
Optional online video tutorials – Online video tutorials that can be used to assist understanding of key learning areas.

Group discounts available for two or more people – please email us for more details:

This course provides a much greater insight into nutrition science than content typically covered in your Certificate 3 or 4 in Fitness qualifications.

Course Credits: This course can be used as direct credits towards more advanced courses offered by Beck Health & Nutrition.

Course Certificate: A personalised certificate with 15 Fitness Australia CECs will be awarded upon successful completion of this course.  Note:  Certification provided from Beck Health & Nutrition courses is trademarked and certified by Beck Health & Nutrition.  Beck Health & Nutrition administers a national and international certification and license that is open to professionals who have successfully completed our Nutrition & Diet course.  Participation in this Nutrition & Diet program does not oblige Fitness Australia trainers and instructors to become certified / licensed with Beck Health & Nutrition or the IICT.  

Fitness Australia Approved CEC Provider

Course Rationale: 

Barely a week goes by without new research surfacing on the benefits or dangers of something in our favourite foods. One moment fish, meat or dairy are great for our health; the next, a study is published that not only contradicts these findings but adds a few dire warnings for good measure. Even eating too much broccoli has been called into question. So what should we eat and what should we avoid? Nutrition and Diet for Exercise Professionals is a tailored course developed specifically to help you gain knowledge and confidence in the area of nutrition both for personal use and when working with your fitness clients to maintain healthy eating patterns.

Nutrition and Diet for Exercise Professionals: Course Outline
Module 1 Introduction to Nutrition and Diet
Module 2 Digestion and Nutrition
Focus Point: Obesity (Gastric Lap-band) Surgery
Module 3: Carbohydrates
Focus Point: Blood Sugar Balance and the Glycaemic Index of foods
Module 4: Protein and Amino Acids
Focus Point: Vegetarian Diets
Module 5: Dietary Fats (lipids)
Focus Point:  Dietary fats and cholesterol
Module 6: Vitamins
Focus Point: Antioxidants and Free Radicals
Module 7: Water and Minerals
Focus Point: Nutritional Supplements
Module 8: Energy Balance
Module 9: Body Composition and Health (overweight, underweight, body fat distribution)
Focus Point: Popular Diets – includes discussions on Paleo, Gluten-Free, 5:2, high protein and other currently popular diets
Module 10: Understanding Food Labels and Common Food Concerns
Module 11: Nutrition through the life-cycle (introduces key nutritional principles and priorities from pregnancy, infancy, childhood, adolescence and ageing)
Module 12: Nutrition for Optimal Exercise Performance (introduction to principles of sports nutrition)
Module 13: Putting Nutrition Knowledge into Practice: Using Nutrition Knowledge to Evaluate Nutrition Claims and Advice
Focus Point : Making Sense of Health and Nutrition Research

Nutrition & Diet for Exercise Professionals also covers the latest research surrounding some of our favourite foods (coffee, chocolate, wine, fish, wheat and grain etc).

Course Tutor:
Registered Nutritionist Kristen Beck (M.Hum.Nut., B.H.Sc). Kristen Beck is a highly qualified nutritionist with extensive experience in the Australian Fitness Industry working with exercise professionals and fitness organisations. She is a regular FILEX presenter, an accomplished middle distance runner, surfer and mum of three teenagers. To find out more about Kristen click here

Kristen Beck Nutritionist Media TV

Masters of Human Nutrition (Deakin University)
Postgraduate Certificate in Education Studies (Higher Education) (Macquarie University)
Bachelor of Health Science (University of New England)
Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
Diploma of Nutrition
Diploma of Herbal Medicine
Diploma of Homoeopathy
Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment
Registered Nutritionist (RN042) and professional member of Nutrition Society of Australia (
Nutritionist and practising member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (Member Number: 8542)
Nutritionist and member Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.
To read more about Kristen’s qualifications, clinical, industry and media experience click here.

The Nutrition & Diet for Exercise Professionals course explores the latest health and nutrition research and guidelines in a common-sense, user-friendly format. Understand how nutrition can impact health and vitality while learning practical diet and lifestyle strategies to optimise health, maintain healthy body weight and implement Dietary Guidelines in a practical and motivating way.

This course can be used for credit towards more advanced nutrition courses offered by Beck Health & Nutrition.  This course is almost identical to our Certificate of Nutrition & Diet course, but is tailored for Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professionals.

What our students say about Nutrition & Diet for Exercise Professionals course: 

“Thank you for providing this opportunity for feedback. I am guessing you have taken past feedback onboard because it was a great course with great content. I have been very impressed with the level of professionalism. I also appreciated that you posted hard copies of all of the course material. It made it a lot easier for me because I have very poor phone and internet signal where I moved to and did most of the work from. Thanks again!” Sarah Cutting, Fitness Australia AusREP.

“I love that the book and assessment were also sent in printed format. It is more personal and I am more a textbook type of a studier, so it made me feel more comfortable that I did not have to complete the whole course online”. Teagan, Fitness Australia AusREP.

“Thank you! What a great way to learn more about nutrition all while gaining accreditation. Wonderful course full of great info”. Jackson M. Fitness Australia AusREP.

“Excellent course! Presentation was so professional, layout was easy to follow, content was appropriate for my industry and the technical terminology was easily explained.  This was a wonderful module and I will be back!” Jane Stubbs, Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professional.  

“I would highly recommend your course to anyone, it was fantastic.  I liked how the course was chapter by chapter and easy to follow.  I learnt so much that is relevant to my personal training.” Charlie Fowler   

“Comprehensive unit of study.  So glad I chose this course.  The Learning Activities were really good and really helped broaden my knowledge.” Nicola R.  Fitness Australia AusREP.  

“Nutrition is a very grey area of study.  The course made a big effort to give structure and direction for students looking to write a plan.  Great course and timely information” Dominic Hoskins, Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professional.   

“I liked that the course was provided in a printed booklet format so I can refer back to it for future reference.  The language used was easy to understand and follow.  Thank you for the reply piad envelopes and the very quick postage of materials” Rebecca Sheehy, Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professional.  

“It was great that I was able to complete this course quickly and have the assessment marked quickly to help me obtain additional CECs for my Fitness Australia registration.  Thanks for your assistance in helping me achieve this”.  Cassie Lawler, Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professional. 

“I have enjoyed this course very much, very informative and interesting!” Melissa M, Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professional.  

“All content and references relevant to subject.  Easy to follow format.  Would not hesitate to recommend course or participate in similar courses with Beck Health.  Very professional presentations” S. Samson, Fitness Australia AusREP.  

“An excellent course full of essential and interesting information” Mark P., Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professional.  

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25 CEC Bundle Discount Offer $495: This course can be combined with our Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing Course for the discounted price of $495 for 25 CECs. To enrol into this bundle option click here.