Fitness Australia CEC nutrition course focusing on dietary patterns and nutrition coaching to optimise mental wellbeing

CEC Nutrition Coaching Course - 10 CECs Fitness Australia

Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing explores nutritional concepts and practical strategies for fitness professionals to coach clients to improve their diets to optimise mental wellbeing. The course covers brain and nervous system function, the stress response, neurotransmitter, adrenal and hormonal function and how diet and body shape can impact on our stress levels and mental health.

The self-paced, online nutrition course includes both printed course materials as well as on-demand video tutorials and optional online zoom learning sessions.

Course Fee: $250 (introductory price – includes complete, printed course pack as well as online access to all learning materials (on-demand video lectures, complete course text, readings and support materials).

25 CEC Bundle Discount Offer $495: This course can be combined with our Nutrition & Diet for Exercise Professionals course (15 CECs) for the discounted price of $495 for 25 CECs. To enrol into this bundle option click here.

Fitness Australia CEC Approval Code: 05215FA

Course Duration: 25 hours self-paced (you may complete as quickly or as slowly as you like).

Learning Support: Access to optional, online weekly zoom sessions to support your learning. Plus phone, email and online discussion forums with other learners.

Course Credits: This course can be used as direct credit towards more advanced nutrition courses offered by Beck Health & Nutrition

Course Certificate: A personalised certificate with 10 Fitness Australia CECs will be awarded upon successful completion of this course. Note: Certification provided by Beck Health & Nutrition is certified by Beck Health & Nutrition and recognised by the IICT. Beck Health & Nutrition administers a national and international certification and licence that is open to fitness professionals who have successfully completed this nutrition course. Fitness professionals are not obliged to become certified with Beck Health & Nutrition or the IICT.

Course Structure – Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing

Module 1: How diet impacts mental wellbeing and brain function (measuring dietary quality, reviewing global research and considering the role of the food system and processing in diet quality)

Module 2: The brain, mental wellbeing and the stress response (including the role of neurotransmitters and the adrenal system)

Module 3: Healthy weight and mental wellbeing (inflammatory responses, body composition, visceral fat deposition and hormonal impact of overweight and underweight).

Module 4: Carbohydrate, brain function and mental wellbeing (why choosing the right types of carbohydrates can make you feel happier and calmer – and why choosing the wrong ones make you feel worse)

Module 5: Protein, brain function and mental wellbeing (choosing the healthiest protein foods for optimal mental wellbeing, body composition and neurotransmitter production)

Module 6: Dietary fat, brain function and mental wellbeing (balancing dietary fat intake to reduce systemic inflammation and abdominal fat)

Module 7: Foods, hydration, nutrients and bacteria associated with mental wellbeing (all of the research into the gut microbiome, probiotic and prebiotic foods as well as individual nutrients that are associated with mental wellbeing)

Module 8: Physical activity, brain function, stress and mental wellbeing (research review into how different exercise programs can influence mental wellbeing)

Module 9: Practical application and strategies to support your clients to optimise mental wellbeing with diet

Kristen Beck Registered Nutritionist About Us

Course Tutor: Nutritionist, Health Scientist and regular FILEX presenter Kristen Beck (Master of Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Health Science, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy). To find out more about Kristen’s qualifications and experience click here

What our students say about our Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing course

“The content was engaging and incredibly interesting, I appreciated the opportunities to apply the knowledge learned progressively throughout the course. I’ve really enjoyed this course and felt it provided a thorough insight into the principles of supporting mental health and wellbeing through diet and exercise. I only wish I could do this full time! It has fuelled the fire and I’m really excited to learn more about this topic I’m so passionate about. Thank you Kristen and team!” Stef Rankin, QLD.

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