Certificate of Nutrition & Diet

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Our foundation nutrition course, Certificate of Nutrition & Diet course is a comprehensive study of nutrition science and dietary analysis in a user-friendly, easy to understand format. A perfect first step to start studying nutrition.

Flexible Online Nutrition Course

Course Fee

$450 (includes all course materials, online access, learning support). AfterPay interest free instalments available.

Afterpay in instalments available

Course Duration

50 hours self-paced over 6 months. You can complete your course as quickly as you like or extend your studies at no extra cost (conditions apply).

Course delivery: Distance and online. Comprehensive printed course text and learning materials express posted to you as well as complete online access including video tutorials and online learning support.

Study support: Support from highly qualified Australian nutritionists via email or your online classroom.

Course assessment: Open-book assessment (multiple choice, short answer and case-studies).

Course Prerequisites: None

Course Pathways: The Certificate of Nutrition & Diet is one of three subjects in our Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health course (so you will only need to complete (and pay for) two more subjects to be eligible for the Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health (Health & Nutrition Coaching) – please see the course page and enrolment terms and conditions for details).

Course Description

Barely a week goes by without new research surfacing on the benefits or dangers of something in our favourite foods.  One moment fish, meat or dairy are great for our health; the next, a study is published that not only contradicts these findings but adds a few dire warnings for good measure.  Even eating too much broccoli has been called into question.  So what should we eat and what should we avoid?

Certificate of Nutrition & Diet

  • Module 1: Introduction to Nutrition & Diet
  • Module 2: Digestion & Nutrition
  • Module 3: Dietary Carbohydrates (Focus Point: Blood Sugar Balance & the Glycaemic Index)
  • Module 4: Protein & Amino Acids (Focus Point: Vegetarian Diets)
  • Module 5: Dietary Fats (Focus Point: Cholesterol)
  • Module 6: Vitamins (Focus Point: Antioxidants & Free Radicals)
  • Module 7: Water, Hydration & Minerals (Focus Point: Nutritional Supplements)
  • Module 8: Energy Balance (kilojoules & calories)
  • Module 9: Body Composition & Health (overweight, underweight & body fat distribution) (Focus Point: Popular Diets – Paleo, ketogenic, gluten-free, intermittent fasting).
  • Module 10: Understanding Food Labels and Common Food Concerns
  • Module 11: Nutrition Through the Life-Cycle (Pregnancy, Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence & Ageing)
  • Module 12: Nutrition for Optimal Exercise Performance (Introduction to Sports Nutrition)
  • Module 13: Putting Nutrition Knowledge into Practice: Using Nutrition Knowledge to Evaluate Nutrition Claims and Advice, Principles of Nutritional Assessment & Making Sense of Nutrition Research

The Certificate of Nutrition & Diet also covers specific topics such as what to consider when purchasing nutritional supplements, as well as a look at the latest research into different foods and substances (gluten, dairy, coffee, chocolate, wine, fish, wheat and grain etc) and the skills you need to assess, analyse and develop healthy diet, nutritional advice and coaching for clients or personal use.

Course Textbook: Beck, K. (2023) Certificate of Nutrition & Diet (17th Edition). Included in course pack.

Optional Online Video Tutorials: On-demand nutrition course tutorials.

Course Tutor: Kristen Beck (M.Hum.Nut., B.H.Sc.) Registered Nutritionist.

Course Tutor: Kristen Beck (M.Hum.Nut., B.H.Sc) Registered Nutritionist.

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Kristen Beck Registered Nutritionist About Us

What our students say about the Certificate of Nutrition & Diet

“Fantastic course.  I found it very easy to follow as well as being very informative.  I will certainly be studying more with Beck Health & Nutrition, I really enjoyed going back to study”.  Charmian Bridge.

“I would recommend this course to anyone, it was fantastic”.  Charlie Fowler

“I thought I already had a vast knowledge in the area – with my own dietary problems and in my employment in the food sector – but I was amazed how much I learnt during the course. I have looked for some time for a short course offering up to date information and knowledge that I can use in everyday life. I enjoyed the whole experience… Thank you Kristen!” Maria Natoli.

“I thoroughly enjoyed your course,  it was easy to follow & understand, as well as very informative. I look forward to doing more of your courses in the future.  Thank you!” Lynda M.  

“Having the exam marked by a person instead of a computer was fantastic.  Having a person read and interpret the answers so all relevant detail was included really helps.  I have just enrolled for another course and looking at another 2 as I loved the course” Deanne Catton, VIC

“Loved the course.  Can’t thank you enough!” Karen Moore, NSW

“I had not done any meaningful study for over 20 years so I found this course a fantastic way to dip my toes back in and see if I still had it in me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and can’t wait to do more study” Alison Warren, NSW.

“Great info, easy to understand.  Just a quick note to say thank you for a great range of courses” Erin Micallef, VIC

“Everything about this course is quality and worth every cent.  The course was easy to understand, yet very comprehensive.  I’m not a highly educated person but I felt very confident that I was totally understanding everything.  I now feel empowered to do a better job for our clients” Robin Tully, QLD

“Great course, easy to to understand and work at your own pace.  Great people, very friendly and helpful” Melisa Potter, VIC  

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course.  The information provided was very clear and concise.  Than you for the opportunity to be able to relay nutritional information on to my personal training clients”.  Emma Corbin, NSW.

“This was an excellent course.  I especially liked the way the modules explained each subject with information that was easy to understand.  It was a great way to return to study with no pressure and quality material for support”.  Robyn Polkinghorne, WA.  

“This course was really great in helping me decide if a future in nutrition is the right one for me (and it definitely is!).  Thank you for helping me to finally find a career that interests me so much!”Amelia Harris, VIC

“What a wonderful time I had competing this course!” Maria Nayef, VIC

“Thank you! I am much more confident in my knowledge of nutrition” Paulo Rogerio, Brazil.

“Your courses are really excellent and easy to understand. I learned a lot of new and latest discoveries in the area of nutrition” Dr Elizabeth Manickam, VIC

“A very interactive and well supported course.  Thanks”  Daniel Kent-Smith, London  

“Well done Beck Health.  Thank you so much for giving me an insight into health and nutrition.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and now I have a passion to want to learn more”.  Sally, NSW

“Great course, run by perfectionists” Dan, North Sydney, NSW

” Rather than other courses that may have 100 pages but only 50 pages contain relevant information, this course focuses on what we really want to learn” Natalie, NSW  

“The course was a great experience.  I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to gain more knowledge in nutrition.  This course is great for personal or professional use” Carly, Geelong, VIC

“Excellent course.  Just what I was looking for and I really loved it!”  Julie, Ballina NSW

“The course is written in such a way that it makes nutrition easy to understand. It was both useful and relevant; exactly what I was looking for – and more. The sensible approach to nutrition (when there is so much conflicting advice and “information” out there) is so welcome.”  Aileen, New Zealand

“I loved the presentation of the course and the course books were so informative and easy to follow. The courses are great and I will be recommending them to everyone I know” Lauren Falkiner, VIC.

“Thanks for providing a great correspondence course that is full of relevant information at a great price” Erin Dalton, New Zealand.

The Certificate of Nutrition & Diet is a comprehensive introduction to nutrition science. It covers underlying nutrition principles, as well as answering so many of the common nutrition questions so you can feel confident and truly understand nutritional principles and recommendations. Completing the Certificate of Nutrition & Diet counts towards our Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health (Health & Nutrition Coaching) course.