Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition course

The Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition course explores the dietary needs of athletes and individuals who engage in high levels of physical activity. The topics covered in this course include the impact of nutrition on maximisng athletic performance, body composition for training and competition, energy production from food, hydration, and the requirements for carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals to achieve optimal exercise fueling, performance, and recovery. Additionally, common supplements used for enhancing sporting performance will be reviewed. The course also includes a thorough overview of fundamental exercise physiology and metabolism. If you already have a Certificate IV in Fitness or a nutrition qualification you will have the option to access professional membership and insurance for Sports & Exercise Nutrition.

Flexible short course in nutrition for optimal exercise performance

Course Fee: $450 (AfterPay Available). Course fee includes all course materials, texts, learning support, online access and mailing.

Afterpay in instalments available

Course Duration: 50 hours flexible and self-paced over 6 months. You can complete your courses as quickly as you like or extend your studies at no extra cost (conditions apply).

Course Delivery: Online Sports & Exercise Nutrition course. Complete learning materials including textbook express posted as soon as you enrol plus all learning materials downloadable via our online course classroom. A practical video assessment is required plus online zoom tutorials.

Study Support: Constant ongoing learning support from Australian nutrition professionals via email or online classroom.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If for any reason you are not happy with your sports nutrition course within the first 14 days please just let us know and we will organise a refund (see terms and conditions for details).

Course Accreditation Details

Beck Nutrition Courses - IICT membership and insurance for sports nutrition advice.

If you are already a Certificate IV Fitness Professional or hold a health coaching or nutritionist qualification you will have the option to join and access professional insurance for sports nutritional advice (Sports & Exercise Nutrition) for clients and groups. Sport and Exercise Nutrition is a specialised field that focuses on optimising nutrition and dietary strategies to enhance athletic performance and support exercise-related goals. It involves the study and application of nutritional principles and guidelines tailored to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals engaged in physical activity.  Sport & Exercise Nutrition professionals provide advice on nutrient intake, hydration, meal timing, and supplement use to help athletes meet their energy requirements, promote muscle recovery, prevent injuries, and achieve optimal performance. They may also address specific concerns such as weight management, endurance, muscle gain, and overall health in relation to physical activity. You will need to provide your Certificate IV in Fitness qualification when applying to the IICT for professional membership and insurance. To find out more about membership and insurance please click here.

Beck Health & Nutrition Courses are accredited for CPE points from ATMS

The Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition course is accredited by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society for 40 CPE points.

Assessment: Open-book untimed written assessment that you complete in your own time. Combination of multiple-choice, short answer and case study / menu plan and analysis questions plus a practical video assessment.

Tutor: Kristen Beck (M.Hum.Nut., B.H.Sc) Registered Nutritionist. To find out more about Kristen’s qualifications and experience click here.

Textbook: Beck, K (2023) Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition; Nutrition for Optimal Exercise Performance (included in course price).

The Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition course provides a unique blend of user-friendly sports science and practical information to optimise and enhance athletic performance with nutrition.

Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Sports & Exercise Nutrition
  • Chapter 2: Energy requirements of athletes
  • Chapter 3: Carbohydrate requirements for optimal exercise performance (Focus Point: Low carbohydrate diets and athletes)
  • Chapter 4: Protein and amino acids for optimal exercise performance (Focus Point: Protein & vegetarian athletes) (Practical Application: Protein supplementation)
  • Chapter 5: Dietary fats and optimal exercise performance (Focus Point: Medium Chain Fatty Acids and Exercise Performance)
  • Chapter 6: Energy generation (ATP production from macronutrients and introduction to exercise physiology) (Focus Point: Altitude Training)
  • Chapter 7: Vitamin and mineral requirements for optimal exercise performance
  • Chapter 8: Hydration for optimal exercise performance and recovery
  • Chapter 9: Body mass and composition in relation to sports and exercise performance (Focus Point: Overtraining)
  • Chapter 10: Pre-exercise nutrition
  • Chapter 11: Fluid and carbohydrate intake during exercise (Focus Point: body temperature regulation)
  • Chapter 12: Post-exercise recovery nutrition
  • Chapter 13: Supplements in sports
  • Chapter 14: Making changes: putting theory into practice
  • Chapter 15: Performance and image enhancing drugs

What our students say about our Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition course

This course has much more value than just the qualification. It is changing my whole life.  Thank you.  David Arney, NSW

“Enjoyed it so much have recommended this course to my sister” Melanie Botzolis, NSW

“I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course and the menu plan section was a great challenge”  Tash Mead, VIC

” I found Beck Health & Nutrition courses on the internet via Google search engine.  I was interested in focusing on nutrition.  I completed the Certificate of Sports Nutrition course and now I am hooked. I’m 49 years old and now wish I studied nutrition earlier instead of just improving my lifestyle, I could have possibly helped a lore more people to improve theirs.  These Beck Health and Nutrition courses are great and the student support is brilliant.  Many thanks to Kristen Beck and staff” Graham Reidy, Bellmere, QLD.

“Another extremely well-presented, easy-to-follow course which was a pleasure to complete.  I loved the easy to to follow Focus Points which cover a variety of subtopics within the course.  Thank you for making these courses available, I will definitely be doing another one soon.” Lauren Falkiner, VIC    

Easy to follow, each chapter good size of information to learn, related information back to general use – not over complicated.  The whole course from start to finish was very professionally done” Karen Murray, QLD. 
“I was very impressed with the presentation of the course materials and the range of topics covered.  Most of all the course was actually useful – contained material etc I can use with my clients.  Thanks again.  Great Stuff!”
 Peter Stroud, Allied Learning Systems

Thank you for this great opportunity.  I have really enjoyed the course and I found that reading stimulating and addictive.  I couldn’t put the material down”.  Michael, NSW

To find out more about accreditation, professional memberships and insurance for sports and exercise nutritional advice read more here

Beck Nutrition Courses - Accredited by IICT for meal plans, health & nutrition coaching and nutritional advice.