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Paediatric Nutrition Course – Flexible Nutrition Course covering from Birth to Adolescence (includes pregnancy)

Course Code: NUT06
Course Duration: 30 hours self-paced over 6 months (course extensions / extra time provided at no additional cost).
Course Accreditation: Beck Nutrition Courses - Accredited by IICTThe Certificate of Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition course allows you to access accreditation from the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and be able to access professional indemnity and business insurance for nutrition and health-coaching.
ATMS-CPE-20+pointsThis course is approved for Continuing Education purposes by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).
Course Delivery: Online and distance nutrition course delivery (you do not need to attend lectures, classes or exams).  All course materials are provided in both printed and online formats.
  The Certificate of Infant, Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition is open to both Australian and overseas students.  See also overseas students
Accredited Australian nutrition professionals to support your learning.  Developed by professional nutritionist and mother of three, Kristen Beck, the Certificate of Childhood & Adolescent Nutrition combines latest research with practical ideas and advice to provide a realistic, common-sense approach to establishing healthy eating patterns from birth and throughout childhood and adolescence.
Course Fee: $425.00 includes all course materials and course texts.
This unique course combines two of our most popular short courses, Infant to Preschool Nutrition and Nutrition for Children and Teenagers into a comprehensive study of paediatric nutrition.

Unit 1: Infant to Preschool Nutrition Course explores ..

The nutrition principles required to provide a nutritious diet for infants and young children as well as important tips that can help to establish healthy eating patterns in early childhood.  Infant to Preschool Nutrition also explores how taste preferences and eating patterns are established and what we can do as parents and caregivers to encourage our children to make healthy food choices in a practical and realistic manner.  The course is an invaluable resource to parents, childcare workers, preschool teachers, health professionals or anyone with a special interest in paediatric nutrition.

Infant to Preschool Nutrition: Course Outline (to view comprehensive course outline please see our Course Brochure)

Module 1 The importance of a healthy diet in early childhood
Module 2 In the beginning (birth to six months old)
includes new sections on nutrition and breastfeeding
Module 3 Baby’s first foods and weaning
Module 4 Elements of a healthy diet (children’s nutritional requirements)
Module 5 Establishing healthy eating patterns in toddlers and preschoolers – development of taste preferences
Module 6 Prevention strategies for overweight and obesity (what you can do in the infant to preschool years)
Module 7 Food safety strategies
Topics covered include the development of taste preferences, breastfeeding and infant formulas, reading and understanding nutritional labels, the nutritional breakdown of foods, nutrition and behaviour, food allergies, food intake (how much is enough or too much?), foods unsuitable for infants, and revised recommendations for the introduction of solid foods.

Infant to Preschool Nutrition also addresses picky eating, vegetarian diets, encouraging children to eat fruits and vegetables, children and diets, children’s parties, the impact of television on children’s health, food allergies and intolerances, children in day care and age-specific prevention strategies for overweight and obesity.

Unit 2: Nutrition for Children and Teenagers Course explores…

the nutrition principles required to provide a nutritious diet for children and teenagers as well as important tips that can encourage children and teenagers to make healthy dietary and lifestyle choices.  Combines latest research with practical ideas to help you understand the special nutritional requirements of children and teenagers.  Nutrition for Children and Teenagers is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in paediatric and adolescent health.  Topics include:

Nutrition for Children and Teenagers: Course Outline (to view comprehensive course outline please see our Course Brochure)

Module 1 The Importance of a Healthy Diet During Childhood and Adolescence
Module 2 Elements of a Healthy Diet (Carbohydrates, Fibre, Fat, Protein, Water, Vitamins and Minerals)
Module 3 Encouraging Healthy Eating Behaviours
Module 4 Common Nutritional Issues for Children and Teenagers
Module 5 Common Health and Nutritional Concerns During Adolescence – Including Eating Disorders
Module 6 Diet, Physical Activity and Behavioural Strategies for Preventing, Managing and Tackling Overweight and Obesity in Children and Teenagers
Specific topics include nutrition and behaviour, prevention and management of overweight and obesity, food intake (how much is enough or too much?) picky eating, vegetarian diets, encouraging children to eat fruits and vegetables, healthy ideas for birthday parties, nutritional considerations for elite sports training.The course also covers specific topics relating adolescent health including growth and development during puberty, teenage eating patterns, dieting, eating disorders, substance use (alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs).
Course Delivery Details (course methodology)

  • Self-paced, correspondence study (distance education) (no need to attend lectures or exams)
  • Comprehensive course texts to guide you through your studies – both print and online options all included in the course price
  • Learning activities booklets
  • Phone, email and online support from professional nutritionists to answer your questions.
  • Online learning and research tools via the Beck Health & Nutrition Website student pages.
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the Certificate of Childhood Nutrition you will be able to:
Demonstrate a thorough understanding of nutrition principles to ensure dietary quality during early childhood
Apply nutrition principles to common dietary health issues relating to infants, children and teenagers
Assess dietary intakes and make practical recommendations for improvements
Course Prerequisites: none
Course Assessment: Open book, un-timed, course assessment (exam) 100%
Course Texts:  Beck K (2019), Infant, Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition; Establishing Healthy Eating Patterns (11th edition) (included in course pack).
What our students say about the Certificate of Childhood Nutrition course:

“I learnt an amazing amount – to better my profession and own family’s health and nutrition.  Super course.  5 stars” Diane Murray, VIC

“The course was superb.  I can now converse intelligently with paediatricians and nutritionists and, of course, provide better treatment for my patients.” Dr Barry Panzer, Brooklyn, New York

“Thank you for the time, study material and information that you provide to assist me in learning more about the importance of nutrition in our lives” Tracey Tomes-Wade, NSW.

“Our family is now enjoying food in a whole new light and I can maintain my children’s diets knowing I am providing them with all their recommended daily intakes and have peace of mind” Rebecca Whatman, QLD.

“This course is fabulous.  It allowed me to study at my own pace and achieve my goals”. Karen Pollard, NSW

“Easy to understand. Great material.  Very quick responses.  My toddler thanks you for looking after her health now and in the future!” Lisa McLaughlin, Five Dock, NSW.

“As a foster parent I have learnt so much from this course.  As a parent I will pass this information on to my adult children. Loved it!” Elizabeth, Randwick NSW.

“I am an Early Parenting Worker and need an up to date, practical and need up to date, practical and accurate information that I can offer to new parents that I work with.  This course was definitely relevant for this purpose.  I found it practical and easy to understand”.  Donna Anderson, VIC

“Very organised, easy-to-understand information that was still well researched” Kirsten, Neutral Bay NSW

“As a child I was a picky eater and now I as a child care worker in my 20s I am only just learning how to eat properly. This course has helped me immensely both for my own diet and to better care for the children I work with” Lauren, Kings Park, NSW

“Thank you for this great opportunity” Leela, Pymble NSW

“The course was a great experience. I would recommend this course to anybody who works regularly with young children” Nabiha, Pascoe Vale VIC

“I really liked the ease that I could complete the course in – as a mother of two very small children this really helped” Vanessa, Mona Vale NSW

“I really enjoyed the course and leaned a lot…..It will be very useful”.  Megan, Mt Waverley VIC

“Fantastic! Very east to understand and follow.  Excellent and up to date information.  Enjoyable assessment that allowed for realistic application of knowledge gained”  Kate Morris, QLD

“The information was easy to understand and also very well presented.  I will be using it (the text) as a reference in the future”.   Simone, Lugarno NSW

“I liked how all the information tied up with the home studies and the exam.  Also it was good to see the test written in an easy to follow fashion. You need this when you are studying on your own”. Rachael, Grace Town TAS

“The course content was appropriate for the time given so I didn’t feel pressured to study all the time – I have a young baby”.   Kate, Lane Cove NSW

Beck Nutrition Courses - Accredited by IICTThe Certificate of Infant, Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition course combines a unique blend of scientific research and practical ideas to give health and education professionals, parents and carers confidence in guiding and encouraging healthy eating patterns throughout infancy, childhood and adolescence.  This nutrition course can also be used as recognition of prior learning (RPL) for further study in community and population health and childcare qualifications.  

The Certificate of Infant, Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition course also allows you to access accreditation and insurance for nutritional coaching and health coaching via the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.  To find out more please visit our nutrition and health coaching course information page.  

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