Nutrition Course Enrolment Terms and Conditions

1. Enrolment confirmation

Individuals wishing to enrol in to a Beck Health & Nutrition course should follow the online enrolment facility or complete the enclosed enrolment form and forward this with your payment details.  Online, mail, or email enrolments will be confirmed by email, mail or SMS.  All enrolments must be accompanied with payment.  All required course materials will be mailed to the address nominated on the enrolment form or online enrolment facility.  

2. Course fees

Course fees are outlined in the course guide.  Course fees are inclusive of course materials, resources, learning booklets and answer booklets, examinations and relevant taxes.  The course fees quoted on website and brochure also includes a $75.00 enrolment fee.  Please note that the enrolment fee is non-refundable.  Failure to submit course fees with your enrolment may result in the delay or eventual cancellation of your place in the course.  Beck Health & Nutrition reserve the right to alter course fees at any time.  In common with other educational institutions, fees are non-refundable and non-transferable unless Beck Health & Nutrition cancels the course (see section 4).

3. Satisfaction Guarantee / Returns

If for any reason you are unhappy with your course you may simply return your course pack within 14 days from date of enrolment for a refund.  Provided all course materials are returned in their original condition, you will receive a refund less a $75 postage and handling fee.  All refunds will be processed within a 21-day period.  All refunds will be credited via the same payment method as received by Beck Health & Nutrition. 

4.Returns Policy/Withdrawals

Changing circumstances sometimes result in a student asking to withdraw from a course.  Students wishing to withdraw from their studies must advise Beck Health & Nutrition in writing within 14 days of receiving course materials.  Provided all course materials are returned in their original condition, you will receive a refund for course fees paid less the $75 enrolment fee.  Please choose your course carefully as after the above time period, we regret that no further application for credit or transfer of course fees can be accepted.  All refunds/transfers are at the discretion of Beck Health & Nutrition.  All refunds will be processed within a 21-day period.

  • 5. Course cancellations and amendments

Beck Health & Nutrition reserves the right to cancel a course, or refuse any enrolment as permitted by law.  Beck Health & Nutrition reserves the right to adjust fees, vary course requirements or course schedules at any time as deemed necessary.  If a course cancellation does occur within the first six calendar months of your studies (i.e. within the originally stipulated study period) you will have the option to either select another Beck Health & Nutrition course (to the same value of your course) or receive a refund of course fee (less the enrolment fee of $75.00 which is non-refundable).  All refunds will be processed within a 21-day period.

  • 6. Extensions, deferments and course duration limits

Due to the short-course nature of our courses, there is no deferment policy for distance learning modules owing to the structure and short-term nature of the courses.  Students are required to complete their selected course within a 6 calendar month period (from enrolment date).  Students requiring more time than 6 months may apply via email for an extension of their due date, but will not be entitled to any refund rights should their course be cancelled after six months from their date of enrolment.  It is Beck Health & Nutrition’s policy to encourage as many learners as possible to successfully complete their nutrition course.  Provided the course enrolled to has not been cancelled, students are encouraged to complete their course, regardless of the amount of time lapsed.

  • 7. Re-sit exams

Re-sit exams are offered to students who for whatever reasons are not deemed competent in their first assessment attempt.  An administration and postage fee of $80 (inclusive of GST) is payable prior to the re-sit being conducted.  Beck Health & Nutrition will advise students requiring re-sits of further details at the time.

  • 8. Certification and academic transcripts

Certificates and academic transcripts will be forwarded to all students upon successful completion of their selected course.

  • 9. Discounts

Students are entitled to discount from course fees in accordance with those outlined in this Course Guide and on the Beck Health & Nutrition website.

  • 10.  Student conduct

Students should conduct themselves in a professional manner, respecting the information provided, and the ethics and principles of the course.  Students should also not pass on any passwords to others or allow others to use any student codes, course materials or access details.

  • 11. Refusals

Refusal of enrolment is at the discretion of Beck Health & Nutrition should the prospective student not meet the requirements set out.  There is no upper age limit, but students must at least be attending high school as a minimum age.  Students under 18 years of age will require a legal guardian to authorize and accept the enrolment conditions.

  • 12. Dismissals

Beck Health & Nutrition may choose to suspend or dismiss students from their selected courses according to the gravity of the following circumstances: 1) Improper conduct, 2) Using the materials in an unlawful manner (see section 14) 3) Inadequate progression (failure to complete the course of study within 12 months of enrolment).

  • 13. Third-party accreditation and insurance arrangements

Beck Health & Nutrition is accredited and / or approved by various organisations for professional development, accreditation and industry purposes.  Beck Health & Nutrition undertakes such accreditation arrangements in order to provide best possible learning and professional opportunities for our learners however Beck Health & Nutrition will not be held liable for any changes to accreditation stipulations, failures or breaches or actions of any third party organisations.

Beck Health & Nutrition courses are short-course in nature and are designed for professional development and personal use only.  Beck Health & Nutrition courses are not a part of the Australian Nationally Recognised Training System and are not qualifications within the Australian Qualifications Framework.  Beck Health & Nutrition recommends that people planning to work in nutriton as a professional career should undertake a degree recognised by the Nutrition Society of Australia or the Dietitians Association of Australia majoring in nutrition and / or dietetics at an Australian university.  

  • 14. International Students

Students residing outside of Australia or New Zealand will be required to pay AU$50.00 postage and handling fee per course ($75 international postage fee for the Advanced Certificate of Nutrition and Health).  This fee will be automatically charged at the time of enrolment.

  • 15. International Currency Processing

Overseas students paying by credit card will have their card debited in Australian dollars and converted to your local currency by your card provider.

  • 16. Course materials, copyright and Intellectual Property

The course materials which Beck Health & Nutrition provides to you shall become your property.  However, the content of the Course Materials, including copyright and all other such intellectual property rights contained therein, remain the property of Beck Health & Nutrition.  You may not reproduce any part of the Course Materials without the prior written consent of Beck Health & Nutrition.

  • 17. Academic Appeals or Complaints

Appeals against grades must be made in writing to Beck Health & Nutrition within 14 days of grades being posted.  Grievances regarding academic matters are to be made using the procedure set out in the student handbook that is included with your course pack.