Certificate of Sports & Exercise Nutrition Course

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Flexible Short Course in Nutrition for Exercise Performance
Course Code NUT04
Course Duration 30-40 hours self-paced over 6 months (you may apply for extra time if required at no added cost).
This course is open to both Australian and overseas students.  For details see overseas students
Course Fee: $425.00 includes all course materials and texts.
Course Delivery: Correspondence (distance education) delivery (you do not need to attend lectures or exams).  All printed course materials plus bonus access to ipad, iphone and android-ready online course materials and online video tutorials for even greater study flexibility.
Course Accreditation: IICT-ATP SealUpon successfully completing this Certificate of Sports Nutrition course you will be automatically eligible for accreditation from the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and will be eligible for professional indemnity and business insurance for nutrition and health coaching (including menu planning for clients) and also for the new modality “Sports Nutrition”.
ATMS-CPE-20+pointsThis course is approved for Continuing Education purposes by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Flexible Short Course in Nutrition for Sports Performance

Sports & Exercise Nutrition course explores…the nutritional needs of sports personnel and people undertaking substantial exercise programs.  Topic areas include the role of nutrition in optimising physical performance for training and competition; energy generation from food; hydration, carbohydrate, protein, fat, and vitamin and mineral needs for athletic performance; nutrition strategies for competition and post-exercise recovery; and supplements and sport.  This course also incorporates a comprehensive introduction to the basics of exercise physiology and metabolism.

NUT04 Sports Nutrition Course Outline

Module 1               Introduction to Sports Nutrition

Module 2               Energy requirements for optimal exercise performance

Module 3               Carbohydrate requirements for optimal exercise performance

Module 4               Protein and amino acid requirements for optimal exercise performance

Module 5               Dietary fats and optimal exercise performance

Module 6               Vitamin and mineral requirements for optimal exercise performance

Module 7               Hydration requirements for optimal exercise performance

Module 8               Energy generation: How muscle creates energy from food

Module 9               Body mass and body fat levels in sport – includes Increasing Muscle Mass and Overtraining Syndromes

Module 10             Pre-competition nutrition

Module 11             Fluid and fuel intake during physical activity

Module 12             Recovery Nutrition

Module 13             Nutritional supplements and exercise performance

Module 14             Making changes:  Putting theory into practice

Module 15             Performance Enhancing Substances and Methods in Sports: Comprehensive review of commonly used performance and image enhancing substances used in sport, including legal status and testing advancements

Course Delivery Details
Self-paced, correspondence (no need to attend lectures or exams)High quality printed – comprehensive course texts (included in course pack)Learning activities booklets (included in course pack)
Latest Health Research Booklet (included in course pack)
Constant support from professional nutritionists and education professionals to answer your nutrition and health questions.
Access to online ipad, iphone and android versions of all course materials and learning tools so you can study anywhere from your smartphone, tablet or any online computer.


Course Prerequisites none
Course Assessment Open book, un-timed, course assessments
Course Text: Beck K (2018), Sports Nutrition: Nutrition for Optimal Exercise Performance, 12th edition (included in course pack).

Kristen Beck (MHumNut., BHSc) is a senior lecturer in Sports Science and an accomplished long distance runner and surfer.  To find out more about Kristen’s professional qualifications and experience click here.

What our students say about Sports Nutrition: Nutrition for Optimal Exercise Performance

“This course has much more value than just the qualification. It is changing my whole life.  Thank you.  David Arney, NSW

“Enjoyed it so much have recommended this course to my sister” Melanie Botzolis, NSW

“I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course and the menu plan section was a great challenge”  Tash Mead, VIC

” I found Beck Health & Nutrition courses on the internet via Google search engine.  I needed more CEC points for my Fitness Australia registration and was interested in focusing on nutrition.  I completed the Sports Nutrition course and now I am hooked. I’m 49 years old and now wish I studied nutrition earlier instead of just improving my lifestyle, I could have possibly helped a lore more people to improve theirs.  These Beck Health and Nutrition courses are great and the student support is brilliant.  Many thanks to Kristen Beck and staff” Graham Reidy, Bellmere, QLD.

“Another extremely well presented, easy-to-follow course which was a pleasure to complete.  I loved the easy to to follow Focus Points which cover a variety of subtopics within the course.  Thank you for making these courses available, I will definitely be doing another one soon.” Lauren Falkiner, VIC     

“Easy to follow, each chapter good size of information to learn, related information back to general use – not over complicated.  The whole course from start to finish was very professionally done” Karen Murray, QLD.

“I was very impressed with the presentation of the course materials and the range of topics covered.  Most of all the course was actually useful – contained material etc I can use with my clients.  Thanks again.  Great Stuff!”  Peter Stroud, Allied Learning Systems

Thank you for this great opportunity.  I have really enjoyed the course and I found that reading stimulating and addictive.  I couldn’t put the material down”.  Michael, NSW

Sports & Exercise Nutrition provides a unique blend of user-friendly sports science and practical information to optimise and enhance athletic performance through nutrition.


IICT-ATP SealStudents who successfully complete Beck Health & Nutrition’s Certificate of Sports Nutrition course are automatically eligible for accreditation from the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and will be eligible for professional indemnity and business insurance for nutrition and health coaching. 

Note: As we have always maintained, Beck Health & Nutrition courses are designed for professional development and personal interest purposes.  A course from any private provider is not going to provide you with the qualifications required to become a nutrition professional such as a Registered Nutritionist or Accredited Practicing Dietitian (you will need to go to a recognised Australian university for this) however this opportunity is an important development for individuals passionate about health, wellbeing and nutrition to work and access insurance for the tailored services they wish to provide (health and nutrition coaching, nutrition and dietary advice, nutrition and health communications, healthy eating coaching and education, as well as designing menu plans for clients) and add professionalism to their work.